Parents lose rights over a child’s gender preference

Delaware rule allows minors to choose their sex without a parent’s consent

Delaware’s policy lets kids choose their sexual preference. As young as 5 years old should have the right to choose their race or gender without parental consent (Fox News).

Politicians, doctors, and educators are pushing for laws that allow the early transition to the opposite sex. In fact, children as young as 8 years old are given “puberty blockers” by doctors to treat gender dysphoria, according to Heritage Foundation.

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Revised Regulation 225

The revised regulation 225, section 3.0, when applied, said that if a minor student of any age wishes to self identify his/her gender (or race), the school will discuss the permitting process with the minor student.

If the student did not permit the school to request permission from the parent, the school would not do so. “This is a huge parental rights issue that means locker room, restroom, sports will all be gender-neutral, said Nicole Theis, of Delaware Family Policy Council.

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An alarming LGBTQ trend

There are opposite cases where parents themselves insist that their child is transgender. #SaveJames is the plight of a father barred by the court because he refuses to believe his son is gay. He wants the mother to stop dressing the young boy as a girl.

Similarly, in Canada, Judge Marzari orders a father to stop referring to his daughter as a girl. The 14-years old daughter asked the court to intervene.

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SOGI Bill: A Biblical warning

Kids who have gender identity issues should be met with love and understanding. However, a government’s intervention does not resolve critical issues. The US-version of the SOGIE Bill in the Philippines will have dire consequences.

Towards end times, children will be disobedient and against their parents (2 Timothy 3). Thus, parents’ need to love and develop a lasting relationship with their children is a must.

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