POW Bible on display unconstitutional

Atheist foundation wars on removing POW Bible in a Veteran’s hospital

A Bible was donated by a World War II veteran when Paul Martin and his organization, the Northeast POW-MIA Network, put together the missing man display in 2018. An outside group asked the Veterans Army hospital to remove it, calling its presence intolerable and unconstitutional.

A lot of soldiers during the World Wars were Bible-believing men who found hope in God’s word. It not only strengthens the soldiers but their families as well. However, the anti-Christian Military Religious Freedom Foundation says that the display is still a Christian Bible.

The Bible Stays

The Bible became part of the missing man table honoring missing veterans and POWS at the entranceway of the Manchester VA Medical Center. It was owned by a prisoner of war in World War II from New Hampshire. The war between MRFF and veterans sparked a national debate and caught the attention of Vice President Mike Pence who is a Christian. In a speech, he said to the Manchester Veterans Army hospital, “The Bible stays.”

The Bible, honored by lawmakers in the Philippines

In the Philippines, most lawmakers support the Bible as the ultimate authority and moral benchmark of all things, including the laws of the land. In 2018, the much-hated President Duterte, who at one point mocked God, in retaliation to Catholic priests, supported and signed into law the National Bible Month. Senator Manny Pacquiao, a born-again Christian who is constantly criticized as well, sponsored the National Bible Day.

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