More Dangerous than Prosperity Gospel: Neo-Christian Humanist

More dangerous than Prosperity Gospel—Progressive Neo-Christian Humanist, Moralist Deism on the Rise

Christian Humanism advocates the self-fulfillment of humanity within Christian principles. Thomas More, Erasmus, and many others fought for social justice, human rights, and reform. These intellectuals witnessed a corrupt and evil church. They wanted to revive spiritual life through humanist education.

Post-Christian Humanism

Post-Christian Humanism evolved into a new religion. It is conflated with atheism and Christian personalism, not just in the tradition of René Descartes (cogito, ergo sum; “I think, therefore I am”), but atheistic personalists (Thomistic), ethical, and personal idealists.

Personalism emphasizes the importance of human persons, although it has many forms. Philosophers Berdyaev, Mounier, and even Pope John Paul II have their rubric.

Atheism and Satanism

In atheism, our existence is a mere accident and truth relative. Thus, the task of moral education or higher consciousness is subjective to one’s psyche. With Satan seeking to deceive everyone, the marriage of scriptures, atheism, and satanism create a new pop-religion.

All these entangled with evangelicalism hardens into an alloy. It becomes a formidable doctrine of logic contoured to fit a Luciferian agenda.

It becomes a formidable doctrine of logic contoured to fit a Luciferian agenda.

Characteristics of a Progressive Neo-Christian Humanist Preacher or simply put, “Superstar Pastors

1. Lukewarm principles of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD) defines God as a “cosmic therapist” who wants us to be good and happy. They believe that God is real and watches over us. Our ultimate purpose in life is to live a happy life, devoid of heartaches, and go to heaven.

However, it contradicts the teachings of Jesus, that in this life, we will have troubles and tribulations. For example, Ophrah Winfrey and Joel Osteen both promote “positivism.”

Moralistic Therapeutic Deism.

2. Prosperity Gospel

Similar to MTD, the prosperity gospel is most attractive because it emphasizes what we can get out of Christianity. They use catchphrases like “name it, claim it!” If you do this, think, and act this way, God will bless you. Hence, the prosperity gospel.

→ What makes Prosperity Gospel not Christian.

3. Ecumenism is important to them

They are impassioned with supporting social activism. Gay freedom, Transgender rights, and even Black Lives Matters. Demonic mainstream media blind them and they take in anything that is about human rights.

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4. They’re impressive and intelligent preachers

Lukewarm Christianity doesn’t come bland; it’s pompous, beautiful, and intelligent. These preachers preach a hefty blend of doctrine and moralistic theistic deism—they quote scriptures well!

Secret sins of pastors.

5. They belong to mega-churches

Combine MTD and Prosperity Gospel, its a new wave of “Pop-Christianity” with millions of followers, led to hell. They justify ungodliness in exchange for decent humanism and people desperate to hear these things are drawn.

→ Deceptive Neo-Progressive Humanist Preachers

6. They embrace equality and diversity

They support abortion and call it human rights. It’s OK to continue living a gay life, God’s grace abounds. They allow same-sex marriage and call it an acceptable holy union between two people in love—the Bible is all about love, right?

Transgender & lesbian pastors on the rise.

7. Their connection with God is like pulling strings from the air.

Many preachers like Beth Moore “listens” to voices and assumes its God. She claims Jesus calls her “honey” or “babe and what fun and happy fellowship we can have with a loving God. Moore levels God like she’s talking to a playmate—after all, what a friend we have in Jesus, right?

→ Is Jehovah the real name of God?

Bottom line, our ultimate purpose is to be happy

Their crux is to develop “friendship with God” who wants us to be happy. They shy away from talking about God’s Holiness, Justice, and Worship! With their comforting cocktails, poison runs slow.

No wonder, “the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it” – Matthew 7:13.

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  1. Beth Moore who writes for Christianity Today, defends egalitarianism. Both of them have expressed certain political position, also criticized by Justin Peters, John Macarthur. CT is gone!


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