More Dangerous than Prosperity Gospel: Christian Humanism

More dangerous than Prosperity Gospel—Progressive Neo-Christian Humanist and Moralist Deism

Christian Humanism advocates the self-fulfillment of humanity within Christian principles. Thomas More, Erasmus, and many others fought for social justice, human rights, and reform.

These intellectuals witnessed Rome as a corrupt and evil church. They fought systemic injustice through their literary works, but post-Christian humanism today has a different intention.

Post-Christian Humanism

Post-Christian Humanism evolved into a new religion. It is conflated with atheism and Christian personalism, not just in the tradition of René Descartes (cogito, ergo sum; “I think, therefore I am”), but atheistic personalists (Thomistic), ethical, and personal idealists.

Personalism emphasizes the importance of human persons, although it has many forms. Philosophers Berdyaev, Mounier, and even the venerable Catholic Popes have rubrics that are delusive.

Humanism in Atheism and Satanism

In atheism, our existence is a mere accident and truth relative. Thus, the task of moral education or higher consciousness is subjective to one’s psyche. Satan takes advantage and blends scriptures, atheism, and satanism to create a popular religion.

All these entangled with evangelicalism hardens into an alloy. It becomes a formidable doctrine of logic (such as gender equity) contoured to fit what really is a Luciferian agenda.

It becomes a formidable doctrine of logic contoured to fit a Luciferian agenda.

Characteristics of a Progressive Neo-Christian Humanist Preacher or “Superstar Pastors.

  1. Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is their core belief.
  2. They promote prosperity gospel and preaches “name it, claim it.”
  3. Ecumenism and social activism are important to them.
  4. They’re smart-dressing-stage-performing intelligent pastors.
  5. They belong to mega-churches filled with dazzling lights.
  6. They embrace demonic equality and diversity ideology.
  7. Their connection with God is like pulling strings from the air.

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Bottom line, for these preachers, our ultimate purpose in life is happiness in this world

Their crux is to develop a “friendship with God” who wants us to be happy. They shy away from talking about God’s Holiness, Justice, and Worship! With their comforting cocktails, poison runs slow.

Our purpose is to worship and glorify God in spirit and truth! No wonder, “the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it” – Matthew 7:13.

Why every Christian should repent.
“God is Good,” the most terrifying scripture.

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  1. Beth Moore who writes for Christianity Today, defends egalitarianism. Both of them have expressed certain political position, also criticized by Justin Peters, John Macarthur. CT is gone!


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