Neo-Feminism Destroying Nuclear Family

Neofeminism, gender equality, and transgederism; a left-liberal agenda that’s destroying the nuclear family

Utopian socialist Charles Fourier coined the word “féminisme” in 1837. Although it has no individual agency, feminism can be interpreted in various ways, but it always leads to women’s upliftment.

Men are toxic, and submission to husbands oppressive

Today, a new kind of feminism blurs the definition of true womanhood in the Bible. It aims to destroy the nuclear family by undermining masculinity and calling it “toxic.”

Doing so inherently undermines the father’s role as the leader in a family. For neofeminists, wives too can lead the family. Moreso, as the Bible preaches, they are not expected to submit to their husbands.


Redefining womanhood is part of a grand demonic scheme

In the mid-1800s, the “Culture of Domesticity” validated the noble duty of a wife to the family. Early feminists labeled it a cult because it prevented women from achieving greatness for them.

True in many avenues, patriarchy did stifle women. Because early American society was dominated by professing Christians, it became convenient to relate patriarchy and “toxic masculinity” with conservative Christianity.

The redefinition of womanhood is part of a grand demonic scheme to dissuade people from believing that the nuclear family is nothing more than an inconvenient social construct perpetuated by the Bible.

Ultimately, the war on women gained traction with the Gender Equality Act of 2021 and began with men invading women’s sports. Since then, Christians have become a minority in the USA and have been persecuted for their conservative Christian values.

In Jewish culture, women were treated as property by a male-dominated society. However, Jesus uplifted and honored women in every way possible.

Examples of a new kind of “women empowerment” today that is anti-Bible

  • In 2018, a “feminist Bible” was published in Switzerland by “feminist theologians” who said Bible is outdated and no longer relevant to today’s values.
  • In an effort to be inclusive, ‘The Women’s Prize For Fiction‘ awarded a transgender author in 2019.
  • Biological male Laurel Hubbard was the first trans woman to compete in the Olympics in 2021.
  • Black and intersectional feminism is a feminist theory that eliminates wives submitting to husbands.

The Bible has always viewed women with respect

It is expected for the man to love his wife as much as a woman is expected to be the husband’s helper (Gen. 2:18). Biblical feminism, if ever it’s a thing in the scriptures, is about women being honored, priced, and precious. (Proverbs 31:10-31; Pro. 18:22)

Feminist Gerda Lerner was a remarkable historian and social justice advocate. With all her eloquence, insight, and courage, intellectuals like her are deemed foolish in the lens of the scriptures.


Bottom-line, what neo-feminists fight for is not of God

Ultimately, all these lead to destroying the nuclear family, something in common with the Black Lives Matters group promoting a socialist atheistic society.

Their ultimate agenda is deceptive equality and diversity that they call “progressive left.” We know this because the LGBTQ community is also working on the same goal—destroying genders.

Lucifer waged war in heaven to claim “equality with God,” neo-feminists are on the same path calling it social equality.


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