Neo-Feminism Destroying Nuclear Family


Difference between men and women in Scandinavian studies

Jordan Peterson is a clinician who studied the difference between men and women. He refutes the kind of gender inequality neo-feminist claim exist

  • Men or more disagreeable than women. Research shows men “get ahead” for being “disagreeable” in the workplace; women don’t. Hence, men tend to land in leadership positions than women. (NCBI)
  • There are natural differences that affect personal choices. In turn, it dictates the equality of outcome. For example, more women would rather take care of the family and depend on husbands to lead the family. It’s an instinct radical feminists find degrading. (E. Wurtzel, Atlantic)
  • Although the difference between men and women is small, it is significant on the extreme, according to Scandinavian studies. Men and women are not the same and won’t be, said Jordan Peterson.
  • Differing biological and emotional characteristics between men and women drive occupational interest, in turn, opportunities, position, and pay. (J. Peterson, Gender Scandal)
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