A new atheism that creeps at every Filipino home – Can Christians do something?

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Atheism breaks free in the Philippines

Atheism has many forms but intrinsically, it is a belief that deities are not real. Having no creator (God) means that individuals are solely responsible for his/her own existence. We are merely existential beings free to make moral judgment as we see fit.

But Christians adhere to Biblical morals that unfortunately, some religious institutions have abused in order to control society. The only way to break free is to become an atheist and atheism knocks at every Filipino home. In 2011, the Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society was founded as a legitimate non-profit organization in the Philippines. Likewise, Satanists in the Philippines are no longer covert.

Why are people attracted to atheism?
I had a friend who was an avid follower of Jesus. She supported missionaries and faithfully attended Bible studies. However, she also exposed herself to the world of corporate and wanton pleasures. Eventually, she declared herself to be a non-believer and labeled all things about Jesus as “trash.”

Breaking free from the guilt of wrong moral choices makes atheism attractive. Atheists are not bound to the limitations of godliness. Tolerance is their new philosophy, everything becomes permissible.

Christianity has become a mile-wide but only an inch deep

Life and choices

“Life is a sum of all your choices,” says French Philosopher Albert Camus. His views contributed to the rise of “Absurdism,” which is a philosophical school of thought that says the efforts of humanity to find inherent meaning will ultimately fail (and hence are absurd) because a lot is unknown. But a lot can be known! Many are ignorant of God’s plan because Christianity has become a mile-wide but only an inch deep – Christians need to mobilize.

Although the Nobel Prize-winning Albert Camus was an atheist, he offers a powerful counter-example to the stridency and animus of the “new atheism” associated with Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and others.

A New Atheism
Atheism today is loosely defined. It has become a tool to destroy Christianity, rather than expose an intelligent opposition. Dawkins and Hitchens appear to be its torchbearer but I would rather refer to them as bullies for imposing that “religion poisons everything.” They mock Christians who do good things for the society, while all they accomplish is hatred and discord.

A new form of atheism comes in an old disguise – disrespect to authority, loose morals, and hedonism. Its victims are young people who come from dysfunctional families, and it’s a growing number.

Are you somewhere between a theist and an atheist?

God has said many encouraging things but in Revelation 3:16, He says “because you are lukewarm, I am going to vomit you out of My mouth.” There are no in between.

The Great Fallout
As our economy leaps, so will the love for Christ turn cold (Matthew 24:11-13). We have seen this happened in Europe and USA which used to be great cradles of Christianity. Satan has blinded millions to believe that mediocrity has a place in heaven. Lukewarm Christianity is not an option.

Lukewarm Christianity is not an option

What can Christians do?

Pray for your atheist or agnostic friends. Pray for the country and the transformation of leaders and other religious sects who redefined scriptures as a means to oppress people.

Be equip
Ask the hard questions and seek wisdom, get understanding. You can equip yourself by attending Bible Studies and Apologetics class.

Volunteer as online missionary
Internet Social Media is a powerful tool to let people know God’s plan for man’s salvation. Join us and become an online missionary.

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