A New Breed of Fake Christianity?


Pop-Christianity and humanist: A new breed of church leaders, pastors, and churches labeled “false preachers”

Progressive, humanist, otherwise known as “Popular Christianity,” is actually Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD). Their teachings are based on the Bible but embrace humanism, which is all about us, rather than all about God.

They focus on what we get from God

These preachers often talk about how God can bless us if we do certain things. They ignore preaching repentance, a clear requirement for salvation. In short, they rub God like a genie.

They rub God like a genie

Joel Osteen, Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn are old news, but a new breed of dynamic churches preaches heresy, and you may not even be aware of it

Among the heavily criticized churches for their “faulty exegesis” are Bethel, Hillsong, and Elevation Church.

For example, Bethel church has weird practices such as grave soaking, resurrecting dead people, and the “name it, claim it” gospel.

Although impressive and charismatic, apologist John Macarthur rebuked Steven Furtick and called him “unqualified.” Furtick is criticized for his extra-biblical interpretation and wealth.

Beth Moore has a huge following in the USA, is accused of preaching the new phenomenon of the “social justice gospel.”

Hyper grace and social justice preachers

Hyper grace emphasizes the grace of God to the exclusion of preaching repentance and confession of sin. The Osteen family, Paul Ellis, Andrew Farley, and Joseph Prince made what really is “cheap grace,” popular.

Unexpectidly, even Rick Warren’s wife, a female preacher in tandem with Moore, has mixed politics and church.

They are endangering the gospel.

The marriage of prosperity gospel, progressivism, and wokeism

In 2018, female theologians from the Geneva University published a “feminist Bible” translation. They said the Bible is outdated, joining the bandwagon of the #MeToo movement.

Since 2015, the marriage of “woke churches” who ordains “trans pastors,” baptizes “trans kids,” and Christian social activists, are part of a new progressive-liberal Christian movement. They are endangering the gospel.

The sin that disables pastors.

Nadia Bolz-Weber, described as potty-mouth, refers to herself as a “dyke” is known as a “public theologian.” Asher O’Callaghan, Megan Rohrer, Peter Beeson, are a few transgender Lutheran pastors.

Is there a gay cure?

Humanist churches on the rise

It’s not just the “politically woke churches” but ‘Christian humanist churches” on the rise. Hillsong scandal, Lakewood, IHOP, Elevation, and Bethel Church accused of demonic doctrine.

They use music as a tool to indoctrinate young people with MTD, devoid of Biblical repentance and gospel apologetic.

Secret idols of pastors and preachers.
From Rev. Paul to Paula Williams.

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