New words Filipinx and Pinxy Opens up an Edgy Liberal Norm

Filipinx and Pinxy, new words added to pushing for “gender equality,” a demonic liberal agenda seeping in the country

Equality is God’s original plan. Today, its meaning is poisoned by Satan to justify abomination. As such, it makes sense for the enemy to push for gender equality as a preset for a more sinister plan.

In September 2020, released its biggest update ever. Five new words that are 100% Pinoy added. For a few years, Filipinx (pronounced as filipineks or filipinks) has been making rounds as a gender-neutral word for Filipino, since there’s also Filipina.

These words are part of over 15,000 new entries on topics ranging from race and sexual orientation to climate and internet culture.

New Filipino words recognized


So what’s wrong with using gender-neutral pronouns?

The new words are practical but it’s also part of a grand scheme of the enemy. Satan uses political correctness to flatten hierarchies. He wants remove distinctions that ultimately leads to his definition of equality.

Interestingly other new words added were about social justice and climate change. Both are rooted in a satanic deception to push atheism and dislodge creationism. But that’s another topic.

The new words are practical but it’s also part of a grand scheme of the enemy

The surge of new words was inspired by what’s been happening in the last five years

In 2015, the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage for all Americans. Afterward, a rapid increase in gender dysphoria ensued.

Since then, Satan came out fully in the open, evident in movies, music, and new sexual norms.

Satanists fought for equality as well. In 2015, they were allowed to pray in public at the steps of the Michigan Capitol building.

Ultimately, it’s about equality among sexes liberals call “fluidity.” It’s when sex is no longer defined biologically but by feelings and choice.

Of course, it goes deeper than sexual equality. With LGBTQ empowerment, children indoctrinated. Transgender queers teach young children that there are moral values in living a gay life.

Changing “male-sounding pronouns” into “gender-neutral pronouns” makes sense in a world where Satan pushes for equality.

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