Normalizing pedophilia: Minor-Attracted Persons

Normalizing pedophilia: Minor-Attracted Persons

Pedophilia was considered a grievous mental problem that was both immoral and taboo. Today, “experts” give it a new progressive label: Minor-Attracted Persons.

Initially, the American Psychology Association (APA) agreed to rely on Alfred Kinsey’s fraudulent human sexuality data to declare homosexuality normal and to remove it from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) in 1973.

The APA’s campaign to normalize pedophilia goes with this logic: If it is normal for very young children to have sex, the question is with whom. If there are people who want to have sex with children for whom having sex is “normal,” then isn’t that natural?

Pedophiles’ central propaganda message today is that they are just looking to be accepted when they fulfill the sexual desires of allegedly “gay” youths. [Reisman]

Normalizing sex orgies

Sexual orgies or group sex is nothing new. During the decadent period of the Roman Empire, these were norms among autocrats of Rome. In Washington, sordid orgies have been happening among elites since the 1900s, and recently, some politicians were called for engaging in such lewd behavior.

During the “Age of Aquarius” in the 1970s, sexual orgies were open secrets within Woodstock’s “renaissance hippies.” The difference is that today, hosting sex parties are a thing—happening at every level of society.

New York hotel flaunts lewd sexual behavior

Wealthy real-estate agent Michel Madie allegedly throws sex parties and dresses them up as the latest thing; polyamorous explorations of what he calls “open sexuality” flavored with eastern mysticism at a hotel along Stanton St., New York.

People have witnessed unwanted peep shows at the back of Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel. Near the Empire State Building, guests are all out for lewd sexual behavior in plain sight at the “luxury for all” hotel.


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