Normalizing Prostitution

SlutWalk” and “Daddy’s Little Slut,” indecency is now a fashion and neo-feminist advocacy

Daddy’s Little Slut

In 2019, Independent UK first reported “Daddy’s Little Slut” girls’ fashion selling online. Amazon faced flak on behalf of its third-party seller ‘Onlybabycare,’ which sold clothing brands. It was inappropriate, cringe-worthy, and immoral, creating “A Whore New World.”

Amazon removed the photo of a young girl wearing “Daddy’s Little Slut” but later allowed similar images. The same fashion statement continues to sell on their site as well as on eBay, Poshmark, and Esty in 2023.

“Daddy’s Little Slut” fashion selling on Etsy proves how permissive society has become, devoid of conservative values.

Creating “A Whore New World.”

SlutWalk: A cry for social justice?

The first “SlutWalk” called for an end to rape culture and slut-shaming. Their first rally was on April 3, 2011, and over 3,000 gathered at Queen’s Park, Toronto. It was a response to a police officer who suggested that “women should avoid dressing like sluts,” as a precaution against sexual assault.

Simply put, they don’t want to be told how to dress. After all, it’s a job for many women.

The protest became an annual parade event under the slogan “Resist, Create and Empower,” and end the culture of fear and victimization among prostitutes.

In the US, feminist Amber Rose turned it into a festival in LA. She got celebrity endorsements and was hailed by liberal women and sluts alike. A left-liberal New York Times article gave her a hero’s voice.

SlutWalk turned into a global movement

Much like the PRIDE March, SlutWalk parades were held in New York, the UK, Melbourne, Iceland, South Korea, Singapore, and New Delhi in 2011. The next year, other countries followed, including Latin countries that labeled it with no shame: “La Marcha de las Putas” (March of the whores).

In 2014, organizers from other countries consolidated under one umbrella. In 2015, they rallied in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv with a united brand. It’s considered SlutWalk’s first united event.

In 2019, the University of the Philippines (UP), known for its left-liberal values, sponsored the “Sex Work is Work” seminar through a school-recognized organization, Babaylan, in cooperation with the Philippine Sex Workers’ Collective or PSWC. The PSWC advocates for sex workers’ rights, decriminalization, and legal protection.

The expression whore or “puta” is considered widely inappropriate. However, there are liberal groups today calling to legitimize “whoring” the same way others call for normalizing adultery and justifying pedophilia.

Normalizing sin for the young generation

The enemy often uses social justice to promote a demonic ideology in the guise of equality and diversity. From MSM to Hollywood, Satan tells us that social ills stem from Biblical oppression. In 2020, Cardi B celebrated “whoring and prostitution” in her demonic song WAP.

The bottom line, normalizing prostitution is nothing new in a society under Satan’s rule. By creating hypersexualized culture, the end goal is a war against the nuclear family.

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