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Share the Gospel through Romans 6:23

The way Christians present the Gospel varies from culture and tradition. Although the style and interpretation may evolve, God’s word never changes (Hebrews 13:8). Jesus being the “Word” Himself spoke in metaphors at times but He was very direct when he said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” Indeed salvation is only through Jesus because no one comes to the Father except through Him (Hebrews 13:8; John 14:6).

Seven promises of Jesus to those who believe in Him

The One-Verse Evangelism (OVE) is a practical way to literary illustrate man’s salvation using Romans 6:23 as a reference. It was first introduced in the late 1990s and a proper illustration was published in 2000 through Randy D. Raysbrook, NavPress. It is divided into seven keywords that you can use to ask a person you are sharing the Gospel with:

How to draw & illustrate One-Verse Evangelism

1. Wages

Wage is a payment from someone in return for a service rendered. Write and circle this word and ask, “How would you feel if your boss refused to pay you the wages that were due to you?” Deep down, we all know that it is only right that we get what we deserve. Similarly, we earn wages from God for how we have lived our lives.

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2. Sin

Draw a circle around “sin,” asking the person what he/she thinks with this word. Sin is more of an “attitude” than “action” because sin begins with temptation that firsts manifest itself one’s mind (James 1:15). A person may have resentment with God because of a past experience or because of sin that he/she couldn’t give up.

Ask, “Does it feel God is far away?” If the person says “Yes,” say “sin separates us from God.” Then draw two opposing cliffs with a gap in between.

→ How sin can pull you down even if you’re a Christian.

3. Death

Circle this word and ask what thoughts come to mind. Explain that death in the Bible always means some kind of separation.

What comes to mind when you think of death? Death is the separation of life from the body. More than that, death is eternal separation from God. What does that mean? We are separated from all that is good because God is the only source of all good. The absence of God’s presence is hell. Is there anything worse than being separated from God? Things look pretty hopeless, don’t they?

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4. But

This is the most important word of all because it offers hope. While circling this word, mention that it is important because it means that a sharp contrast in thought is coming. What we have just looked at is bad news; what follows is good news

5. Gift

Draw a circle around this word. Ask, “If wages are what a person earns, then what is a gift?” Remind your friend that someone must purchase every gift.

What’s the difference between a gift and a wage? What do you like about a gift? (Gifts are free; they don’t have to be earned; they represent love and/or appreciation.) How do you feel toward someone who gives you a precious gift? Some people try to earn God’s favor by doing good deeds for God. But it’s impossible to earn what’s already been bought. How would you feel if a close friend insisted on paying for your gift to them or doing things to earn it before they would accept it from you?

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6. God

Circle this and explain that the gift you are talking about is free. It is from God Himself. It’s so special that no one else can give it. Ask, “How do you feel when someone gives you a special gift?”

Why would God want to give us a gift, such as eternal life? Isn’t it amazing? We don’t deserve it! When God created the world, He intended for humanity to live in perfect harmony with Him. He gave only one command for Adam and Eve to obey. The penalty for disobedience was death. But Adam chose to disobey God and so became separated from God by his sin. We too choose to live separate from God (Isaiah 53:6). But because of God’s great love for us, He provides the way for us to live at peace with Him.

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7. Eternal Life

Circle these two words next, and then ask, “How would you define these words?” Contrast one side of the cliff, death, with the other side, eternal life. Ask, “What is the opposite of separation from God?”

What is eternal life is? (Relationship with God in harmony forever.) It starts on earth and lasts forever. Our daily sin will not end it. Do you know how we can receive this gift of God? Simply by believing in Jesus Christ.

Promises of Jesus to those who believe.

8. Christ Jesus

Draw these words so they create a bridge between the two cliffs. Help your friend to consider that every gift has a giver, and only Jesus Christ can give the gift of eternal life.

Jesus is the way to eternal life. He is the only means by which we can go to heaven. We are far from perfect, but Jesus paid for our imperfection by dying on the cross. We could never have borne God’s anger and made satisfaction for our sins. Jesus had to do that for us. He not only died but He rose from the dead, conquering both sin and death. His obedience paid for our disobedience, taking away our sin and freeing us from guilt as well.

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9. Trust

Write this word over the bridge you just drew. Explain that friends trust each other, and tell your friend that Jesus wants a trusting friendship with him. All he has to do is admit that he is responsible for the “sin” of either fighting or excluding God from his life. That is what trust means-trusting that Jesus wants to forgive us for rejecting Him from our lives.

At this point, you can ask him if he wants to start a relationship with God that will last forever. If he says “Yes,” invite him to pray a short prayer in his own words, asking Jesus to forgive him. Close by reminding them that this simple illustration shows what God is like: Someone who really cares about people, especially them. Invite them to read all about it in the Bible, perhaps beginning in the gospel of John.

The gift is offered to all who make Jesus Lord. For Jesus to be your Lord, He has to have total control of your life. It means putting what God wants above what we want. He determines what we do, where we go, how we act.

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You may order this booklet from NavPress, or call (800) 366-7788 or download One-Verse Evangelism PDF through Cru. You can also use the “Gift of God” Gospel card, which was derived from this method.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. The one who remains in Me and I in him produces much fruit because you can do nothing without Me (John 15:5); “This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.” (John 15:12)


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