Brothers Rowden, Hasset, Hisham Go Story

Pangcoga Brothers Rowden, Hasset, Hisham Go Liver Cancer Story

Losing the “Go Brothers” Over Liver Cancer

No parent should bury a child, but for it to happen to all your children is surreal. Lorelei Go Pangcoga of Misamis Occidental lost all her sons. They were talented, good kids stricken with liver cirrhosis.

Did God not hear our prayers? Why a senseless death? Like the rape of a 15-years old girl by seven men, how can God allow bad things to happen to godly people?

Real-life Drama

Millions of Filipinos followed their story in KMJS. It featured the eldest son, marrying his girlfriend as he lay dying. The wedding of Rowden and Liezel viewed more than 15 million times. Their story featured Magpakailanman in 2016.

rowden go
Rowden and Leizel getting married in the hospital, 2014. They embraced losing someone with thankfulness, the only way to cope with grief.

Losing Rowden

Lorelei first lost her eldest son Rowden on June 11, 2014. He was 29 years old, blessed with an adorable 2-year-old daughter. A month before, he was diagnosed with stage 4 liver.

His dying wish was to marry his one true love. Weak and bedridden, Leizel and Rowden tied the knot at the hospital. He passed away less than 10-hours later after he said his marriage vows.

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Losing Hasset

It was a bittersweet scene that you’d hope would end, but death continued to haunt the family. Next to go was the would-be celebrity chef, Hasset.

Hasset Go had a TV stint on the same network years earlier. He had a promising career that ended with the same fate. He died on October 24, 2015, a few months after Rowden.

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Losing Hisham

Diagnosed with cancer at an early stage, Lorelei’s youngest son Hisham or “Moi” went on a strict regimen to avert the disease, but cancer made it through his liver.

He was flown to Guangzhou China, for cryosurgery. The procedure was promising, but his cancer quickly went from Stage 1 to 4.

Even on his dying breath, Moi remained strong and claimed God would heal him completely, but God did not intervene. Despite the many prayers, it was not God’s will.

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A mother’s amazing response

Like the Biblical Job, who lost all his children, Lorelei Go survived by being thankful for everything. No parent can recover from losing a child, let alone every one of them.

It’s difficult to cope with terminal cancer, but upon knowing the fate of her last child, Lorelei said, “We praise you, we glorify you, God, thank you for this wonderful day… we have a great God, and we trust in Him.

Rowden, Hasset, Hisham, gone to soon, like that of the Neville kids, Daniel, Harry, and Milly.

What we can learn from Lorelei Go

Life on earth is but a vapor (James 4:13-17), and although Rowden, Hisham, and Hasset are gone, Christ has prepared a better place (Revelation 21:4).

Lorelei chose to dwell on God’s goodness and the beautiful memories with her children. Her tragedy reminds us that life on earth is temporary. What matters most is what awaits us, that which is eternal.

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