God is giving you one last chance


Parable of the ten virgins: God could be giving you one last chance to shape up, making a u-turn, or be lost forever

The Parable of the Ten Virgins in Matthew 25:1-13 is five wise virgins and five foolish ones. Their lamp light represents knowing and readiness to face God.

The master of the house is God, who first invites the “chosen people.” The Jews ignore the invitation, and God invites the gentiles. Still, not everyone responds; they had other priorities.

The five virgins prepared had extra oil to burn to represent true Christian born again. They look forward to Christ’s return and are ready. 

After God shut the door, those inside not wearing wedding robes represent those who claim to love, know, and even preach about God. They were thrown to hell because they were not true Christians.

God’s invitation is for everyone until He shuts the door.

The parable illustrates three important lessons:

1. God’s invitation is for everyone

God’s desire is for everyone to be saved. But it does not mean everyone will choose Jesus. Many will go to hell, but few will find heaven because of their deceitful hearts. (Matthew 7:13-14)

2. Wrong priorities may lead you to hell

It is destined for man to die once. What follows is judgment, the reason we always need to be ready to face God. If you seek God first, the rest will follow (Matthew 6:33).

If your name is not written in the book of life, eternal punishment awaits those who are wicked.

3. Jesus is our only ticket to Heaven

There is no other name given to men by which we can be saved. If you can save yourself by doing good works, Jesus need not die. This is the reason why Satan offers “counterfeit saviors.”

Those in hell cannot claim they had no choice because God gives us the opportunity to believe, or reject His gift until He shuts the door

Allowing us to choose or reject Jesus reveals God’s graciousness. He gives everyone the same opportunity to respond. Some of them He chooses and pursues, others ignore God’s offer.

Those in hell cannot claim they had no choice. God’s law was written in their heart, evil as they are. Their own conscience will accuse or defend them. (Romans 2:14-16)

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