Anti-Depression Seminar 2019

City University of Pasay: Depressed ka ba?

An Anti-Depression Seminar was held in the City University of Pasay for this school year. Special guest speaker Judith Hope Velarde did a creative presentation by starting her talk with a short video about depression. She was keen on setting actual examples and shared her own family testimony about depression. She also stressed that success begins with ideas that turns into passion. With time and the right action, success is inevitable.

However, we ourselves can be the enemy and when we allow depression to set it, everything crumbles. Discussing several points about depression, but ultimately, it was the “agape” love that can heal us, through Jesus, who is the author of the ultimate love. Only Jesus can give us true joy, she pointed out.

Anti-Depression guest speaker, Ms. Judith Hope Velarde. She is a registered teacher, life coach, trainer on PERDEV, Immersion coordinator, a mental Health Advocate, and a life long learner.
CUP Officers SY 2019-2020, with special guest speaker Judith Hope Velarde and current President, Jonas Tagum.

The program promptly began at 3:40 pm with Jerse Mae Daban and the Raven Band opening with “What a Beautiful Name” and the song “Unwell” as intermission number. Earlier in the morning, the hard-working John15.Rocks student officers had their activities and stayed late to help prepare the stage area.

Current club President, Jonas Tagum gave the opening remarks. Professor Emmanuel Luna delivered a fun-filled inspirational message. The event was hosted by Vircell Mascardo

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