Pasay City Values Formation Program 2019

Student Leadership: Values Formation Program Series

John15.Rocks School Club organized the 2019 Pasay City Values Formation Program, the first of its kind in the district that used training material rooted in Biblical values. Since the club’s conception in 2017, the desire to encourage and train youth leaders in Pasay City has been the burden of Oliver Almo, Senior Pastor of Community Praise Makati and District Governor of John15.Rocks Center.

Ugaling Pinoy o Filipino values na dapat tularan ng kabataan.

Local government support

Together with Prof. Jon-Jon Solangon, School Club Director, the project was possible through the support of the local government through Congresswoman Emi Calixto Rubiano of Pasay City, Lone District, and local barangay officials. Resource speakers were Ms. Tina Lapira, Pastor Dindo Ebrada, and Mark Macasiab, J15 Youth Pastor.

The one-day retreat in several batches began with a short video of David and Goliath. Oliver related the character of the young David and why he was favored among others. He shared practical lessons from scriptures and how it relates to the youth. Mark Macasiab talked about “Knowing Your Life’s True Purpose,” through the lens of God’s plan.

oliver almo

Father’s love

Oliver Almo shared the “Father’s Love” relating how the “Divine Creator” is for us and not against us. Many of the youth who were struggling themselves were deeply moved. They learned that to overcome life’s struggle, understanding one’s relationship with the Heavenly Father is important and life-changing in itself. Values are formed through this relationship helping us become better citizens who contribute to a better society.

Values are formed through this relationship

pasay city values formation
Tina Lapira sharing her personal experience and man’s ultimate problem that hinders true success.

Practical success

Guest speaker Tina Lapira shared about man’s ultimate problem and focused on understanding the hindrance of one’s personal success. Equally important was the topic of “brokeness” shared by Dindo Ebrada. He discussed practical ways to deal with emotions that included hurt and unforgiveness.

Oliver Almo with John15.Rocks volunteers, club officers and speakers Jaycee Magtibay and Dindo Embrada.

Values is important to God

The strongest value in the Bible is to “Love of God and Neighbors,” and Biblical morals like these have plenty of similarities with Filipino values. Unfortunately, they are slowly being eroded by redefinition from its original intent. The students were reminded of these values, that’s actually rooted in God’s moral laws.

→ November is Filipino Values month, under Proclamation 479, series 1994.

Third series of the Leadership Retreat with John15.Rocks team and Congresswoman Emi Calixto the Pasay Hall, April 11, 2019. Youth Pastor Mark Macasiab (left) talked about the problems that are facing the youth. How it can be overcome by applying spiritual discipline and how important understanding one’s identity in Christ is in a day to day basis.
Life Coach Dindo Embrada on “Dealing with Negatives in Life.” He asked the student leaders to determine destructive attitudes, damaging habits, dependency, or any form of addiction that hinders them from leading.
Life Coach Jaycee Magtibay talked about inner healing from hatred, anger, and insecurities. That in order to overcome, understanding the value and concept of forgiveness is the first step to true freedom.
Erica Rosales, Abigail Solangon, with CUP Club officers Shakirah Indita and Sarah Alarcon

The retreat series was held on March 16 at the Barangay 198 function hall; March 30 and April 13 at the Pasay City Session Hall. The invitation was coursed through the Office of the Student Affairs (OSA) to the student officers. The program was coordinated by Prof. Jon Solangon who also discussed the “Bondage to Freedom,” that tackled the difficulties in breaking bad habits and negative attitudes.

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