Pastors endangering the Gospel by talking politics


4-Reasons why pastors, Christian leaders are endagering the Gospel by talking politics

1. It gets in the way of the mission

There is no example of the apostles criticizing or demanding changes from their evil Roman government. In fact, Jesus refused to condemn Ceasar. Instead, He preached submission, even to corrupt authority.

They were on a mission, and getting involved with civil issues stands in the way of the goal—which is to make disciples.

The Bible never gave instructions for Jesus’ followers to uproot or change a bad government by campaigning against it. Exposing evil in the government is not the same as criticizing God’s appointed leader, corruption or not.

2. They are causing division

The apostles told us to malign no one, be courteous and avoid quarreling (Titus 3:2). Make it an ambition to lead a quiet life (1 Thessalonians 4:11), and don’t entangle yourself with civilian pursuits. (2 Timothy 2:3–4)

In the Philippines, the leader of a national church organization visibly sides with a political party. While many Christians support this party, the majority of Christians do not. Worst are some priests and pastors who make political endorsements. They cause division.

3. They are setting a bad example

The constitution mandates the separation of state and religion. Once a pastor or a professing Christian figure talks about changing the government, unbelievers can see it as meddling.

Politics divide, and taking a political position is always a bad testimony.

4. You don’t have time for it

The harvest is enormous, but the workers are few. Period.

Politics divide and taking a political position is always a bad testimony

The Great Commission had nothing to do with changing the government

Joshua visited a beautifully manicured golf course. He asked the gardener, do you pull out the weeds to maintain it? The gardener replied, “I never pull weeds; the secret is to plant strong grass.”

In the same way, Satan plants weeds among the wheat, but the weeds are not removed until the Lord of the harvest comes.

The point is, there will always be corruption and bad leaders. For Christianity to thrive, Christians must focus all their resources on spreading the Gospel, not with political opinion.

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