Secret Sin that Disables Church Workers

self righteous

The secret sin of Christians and Pastors that disables

A high-ranking Christian leader wanted to see a businessman for a favor very early in the morning. The man drove 25 miles, and when he arrived, he waited for almost an hour because he was having breakfast.

Working in a church project, he insisted his photo be included in the announcement. He chose people he talked to and trashed “little voices” as nuisances, yet hobnobbed with “rookie politicians,” who shared his criticism for the government.

Pride is Satan’s favorite sin

Having position brings pride, and Christian Pastors have fallen for the same sin Satan did. They abuse their position by allowing Satan a complete control. He traps them in porn and sexual immorality. They pretend that their position justifies their deep sin.

Self-righteous Christians move within their limited “human wisdom,” and the power of their position. It’s pride in itself, Lucifer’s first sin. (Isaiah 14:12-18)

Self-righteous Christians move within their “human wisdom.”

False Humility: The secret sin of pride

Pride has another name, “false humility,” and it’s easy to hide. Do you silently seek to be recognized, how valuable you are in church, or how expert you are in theology? We must guard our hearts above all else; it is our wellspring. (Proverbs 4:23)

Human wisdom and pride walking

There was a missionary Pastor who held on to his members by insisting he has authority over them because the Bible says so. Twisting scriptures is trying to be the ‘fourth head’ of the Godhead. God shares His throne with no one.

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You say ‘To God be the Glory,’ but what you do points back to how gifted and efficient you are. God doesn’t need a soloist in His grand orchestra. He detests the proud; they will be punished.” (Pr. 16:5) – J. Crumpton

It’s not easy to be Christ-like

Christians are servants of Christ – not bosses. Titles bring about responsibilities in the church, not a license to feel important. Jesus demonstrated what it meant to be a humble leader. We must deny ourselves and carry our cross daily. (Luke 9:23)

We must deny ourselves & carry our cross daily.

All of us have struggled with pride, and will struggle with it again. We must always pray for God to point the spotlight away from us, and unto Him alone.

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