Shocking Transgender Evangelical Pastor Preach Gender Equality

transgender pastor

Reverend Paula Stone Williams, former mega-church pastor fights for women’s equality after coming out as a transgender woman

Paul Stone Williams, Doctorate in Pastor care, was chairman of Orchard, an evangelical mission group that supports churches. He was also a columnist, Christian TV host, devotional book author, and teacher at two mega-churches.

Coming out as Paula Williams

In 2012, Paul told his son, Jonathan, a preacher in New York, that he wants to live as a transgender woman. As a result of his decision, Paul had to resign from the church and could no longer preach.

First transgender in the Philippines gives up.

Paula’s crux is women’s equality

Her crux today is women’s equality and fundamental LGBTQ civil rights. Recently, she talked at TEDx and said, “We will not have gender equity until you (men) are willing to give women your leadership opportunities.

Demonic nature of equality and diversity.

Being transgender for Paula is not a sin, despite what scriptures say.

Alive but shamed; free but abandoned

As Paula, she feels alive, yet shamed, alone, and abandoned. A Christian friend reached out, “I am grateful for someone who overcame the unknown and cared,” she said in her video.

Paula lost friends and finds comfort from her new allies. She still goes to church, prays, and keeps her faith. Undoubtedly she shines among unbelievers with her “unusual” testimony.

Root cause of depression.

Who is her judge?

As crazy as this story is, only God knows her heart. We can take comfort knowing God loves sinners but not the sin. Jesus told an adulterer, “sin no more” but for Paula, being transgender is not a sin, despite what scriptures say.

John 8:10-11
“…did no one condemn you? No one, sir, she said. Then neither do I condemn you, Jesus declared. Go now and leave your life of sin.”

She’s addressed with her Doctorate degrees; Reverend Paula Stone Williams at a Choral Evensong in 2018

Growing transgender, lesbian, gay Pastors in Christian churches.



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