What Pinoy “Christian activists” can learn from Chinese Believers

chinese persecution

What if Filipino Christians were under Chinese government rule?

In China, churches need permits to gather in prayer and all sermons must be preapproved. Some are even asked to renounce Jesus (China Aid). Ironically, China could be a nation with the highest population of Believers in the world despite the persecution. (Bible Society)

When Taal volcano erupted, Pinoys were united in all front. When the Chinese brought Coronavirus to the world, it was hate that erupted. The sudden rise of Chinese residents in the Philippines is alarming, but Chinese Christians remain our brothers in Christ and they need our prayers.

President Xi Jinping’s Government

China was a powerful ancient civilization but collapsed at the turn of the 19th century because of the weak monarchy. Westerners took advantage of her and anything from the west was literally burned to ashes during the cultural revolution.

Christianity is for them is western and any western influence is seen as decadence. Consequently, President Xi Jinping plans to “retranslate and annotate” the Bible with socialism as a basic tenet. Despite a massive crackdown that increased in 2019, Christians continue to grow in China.

What Filipino “Christian activists” should consider

In the Philippines, Catholic priests condemn the Duterte government and a few Christian leaders have joined the bandwagon. Many ranted online and some proudly showed their political colors.

As the Catholic church face an ominous decline in attendance, their intervention in politics is adding to a long list of “turning offs” among young people. Unfortunately, some Evangelical leaders are doing the same. In stark contrast to Chinese believers, instead of ranting, they continue to fast and pray.

→ Why Christian leaders should avoid politics.

What Christians can learn from Chinese Believers:

  1. Chinese Christians submit to authority, despite persecution.
  2. They do not malign or shame leaders, despite brutality.
  3. They pray intentionally that God will change the heart of their leaders.
  4. Church leaders do not show political leanings.
  5. They focus on evangelism and leave political change to God.

They focus on evangelism

Do you mock your leaders?

The Bible has clear instructions for Christians to avoid “politicking” and the constitution mandates it (Article II, Section 6). Imagine if Chinese Christians openly criticize their government the way some Christians do in the Philippines? If you want “change in the government,” there are better ways to do it. Your job is to share the Gospel, not to change the government.

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