What Christian Pinoys can learn from Chinese Believers


What Christian Pinoy “fighting the government” should rethink

When Taal volcano erupted, Pinoys were united in all front. When the Chinese brought Coronavirus to the world, it was hate that erupted. Hatred is one of Satan’s tools to destroy. He fuels political discords and Christians are falling into his smokescreen.

As priests condemn the Duterte government, some evangelical Pastors join the bandwagon. As the Catholic Church faces an ominous decline, some Believers identified themselves with a political color and campaigned for it. This adds to a list of Christian “turning offs” among young people who’d prefer religious leaders to stay out of politics.

Chinese Christians were like that of the early church

Being a Christian is extremely difficult in China. Sermons are preapproved and since 2015, the government has been removing the cross from church buildings; they want the national flag to take precedent. It’s just unfair!

They even want Ji Xing Ping’s photo to replace that of Jesus while plans are underway to “retranslate and annotate” Scriptures with socialism as a basic tenet.

Christians resist differently

→ Why Christian leaders should avoid politics.

Catholic protesters in Hong Kong China sings hymns and prays publicly for God to change the heart of their government.

What Christians can learn from Chinese Believers:

54 Millions of Chinese believers have every right to be angry, rally, and fight the government. In Hong Kong, their leader is depicted by unbelievers as a “devil with a horn.” But Christians resist differently – they fast and pray.

As a parishioner in this video puts it, “I need to support them (government), not just be against her (HK leader Carrie Lam), but think (keep in mind) she is weak mentally, spiritually, as a christian, we need to support her also.

Ironically, despite the increasing persecution, China could be a nation with the highest population of Believers while Catholic members decrease in the Philippines. Let us replace government aggression with these Chinese examples:

  1. Chinese Christians submit to authority, despite persecution.
  2. They do not malign or shame leaders, despite brutality.
  3. They pray intentionally that God will change the heart of their leaders.
  4. Church leaders do not show political leanings.
  5. They focus on evangelism.

Instead of wasting time retaliating, they focus on sharing the Gospel.

Do you mock your leaders? The Bible has clear instructions for Christians to avoid “politicking,” the constitution mandates it (Article II, Section 6). If you want “change in the government,” there are better ways to do it. Your job is to share the Gospel, not to change the government.

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