Church Leaders Criticizing Government is Bad Testimony

Your job is to share the Gospel, not to change the government, Carey Nieuwhof.

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Churches involved in politics makes the excuse of "exposing evil," when in fact, they're telling the government what to do.

Politics Divide: No wonder the Bible has clear warnings to avoid it; Filipino church leaders twists scriptures

The heavy dislike for the government is growing, and church leaders use their organization to meddle in politics. Priests, evangelical pastors dissuaded voters and issued unnecessary political statements. Christian leaders are falling for Satan’s smokescreen.

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PCEC, NCCP, CBCP, Pastors, & Priests in “Political Unison”

  • For decades, Catholic Priests used their pulpit to criticize politicians.
  • In 2019, Catholic groups, NCCP, PCEC, UCCP “partial” support for the SOGIE bill in public polarized Christians.
  • In the last election, CBCP denied endorsing politicians, but its lay arm did.
  • Evangelical Pastors joined anti-government protests in support of the Chief Justice, who was legally ousted through a Supreme Court decision.
  • A Bishop had a photo op with political candidates, known for their disdain with the Duterte government. He proudly posted it on his Facebook.

Telling the government what to do isn’t the same as exposing evil.

How Jesus and the apostles responded to their abusive civil government authority

  • Jesus did not incite the people against Rome. (Luke 23:5)
  • Jesus refused to get entangled in political debate. (Mt. 22:15-22)
  • Jesus was busy preaching or praying alone. (Matthew 5:1)
  • Jesus surrendered his rights.
  • The Apostle Paul, Peter gave instructions to submit to civil authorities.
  • The Apostles focused on preaching and church planting. (Acts 8:4)
  • The Apostles rebuked religious church leaders.

Jesus repeatedly rebuked false religious leaders, “He never spoke out—not even once—against the injustices of Roman civil authority! He did not engage in any public protests to pressure Rome into changing its corrupt system. He submitted to unjust authorities,” There is NO example of “political activism” advocated by God’s people in Scriptures, said Apologist Dave Hunt.

Apostle Paul and Peter’s clear instructions

Apostle Paul willingly submitted to divine imprisonment without grumbling. He was respectful to the commander and Governor Felix who in turn gave him favor and protection. (Philippians 2:14-15; Read commentary; C. Swindol)

We submit to “avoid condemnation” and “win commendation

Paul’s attitude to government authority.

Apostle Peter warned us not to earn the ire of authority

Peter said, “Submit yourselves for the Lord’s sake to every human authority” (1 Peter 2:13). We do it for Jesus’ sake because He demonstrated it Himself.

We submit to “avoid condemnation” and “win commendation” that shuts the mouth of those against the faith and looking for reasons to criticize believers. (1 Peter 2:15 Commentary)

In 2019, DND (National Defense) accused NCCP as a terrorist front. PCEC defended them. Christians who draw too much political attention receive condemnation from unbelievers, precisely what the apostles warned. In God’s time, rulers are replaced, unbelievers rally againts them and circumstances causes political change. (Daniel 2:21)

Don’t twist scriptures to support your thirst for political activism

Telling the government what to do is not the same as exposing evil. (Eph. 5:11, commentary). Moses, Samuel, Nathan, and Jonah were God’s prophet—He spoke to them with clarity. (Romans 13, Acts 22-24 commentary)

  • Moses challenged the Pharaoh, God gave him instructions. (Exodus 5)
  • Samuel rebuked King Saul, God spoke to Samuel. (1 Samuel 15:16)
  • Nathan confronted King David. The Lord sent him. (2 Samuel 12)
  • Jonah preached to the king of Nineveh, God’s words repeatedly came to him. (Jonah 3)

Would you vote for King Cyrus?

How can Cyrus, a non-Israelite pagan king, be called God’s anointed? (Isaiah 44:28). Yet he fulfilled a prophecy and obeyed God (2 Chronicles 36:23). God has often allowed evil rulers to the point of war and destruction. It is not for us to judge God’s plans.

Your job is to share the Gospel!

We need Bible-believing Christians in government, that’s why focus on evangelism is needed. In the US, some preachers have fallen into criticizing authority, they were fooled by mainstream media who fuels racial inequality.

The rise of evils, such as abortion, immorality, and social injustice, will get worse. Only the Gospel can transform the government and its people. As Carey Nieuwhof puts it, “Your job is to share the Gospel, not to change the government.”

Your job is to share the Gospel, not to change the government

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Albert is an academic researcher and UX/UI content manager. He is a graduate of Asian Studies and went to the Asian Bible Seminary and Trinity College of Music. He is happily married with three lovable teenagers.


  1. The rampant killings is obviously against the Great Commission, not to mention the Ten Commandments. That you’re saying our priorities should be this fight against political correctness that’s yet about to come, and ignoring what is happening now, is very disturbing to my spirit. You advise to fight killing babies but not killing adults. I am pleading you, please pray again, and deeper if you need to. Because you’re being blinded by your own political correctness, to keep silent and not stand up for the clear immorality already raging around us. We don’t have to be political to stand up for the rights of all people to live. Killing sinners is giving them away to Satan. I don’t think God is okay with that.

    • That’s what Satan tells people, to anger them and retaliate! Things will truly get worse and we cannot stop evil. God is not OK with abortion etc… Jesus is NOT OK with social injustice etc…, but did he complained about the government? I don’t think you understand what he said because your so caught up in your emotion.


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