Politics Divide: Political Church leaders must stop

christians rally
A policeman prepares ‘integrity pledge’ at interfaith rally for Philippine election 2019. (PHOTO: Ernie Peñaredondo)

Religious leaders in Philippine politics

The heavy dislike for Duterte government is growing. Religious leaders openly condemn his policies. One believer active in ministry even wished death to the President. Many ranted and a few Evangelical leaders are using their Christian organization to tell what the government should do. Priests and Pastors dissuaded voters and issued unnecessary political statements.

NCCP and PCEC on the SOGIE Bill

Recently, the NCCP and PCEC voiced their “partial” support of the SOGIE bill. The political statement they constantly make are not only unnecessary but polarizing. Unfortunately, their leaders have bought into Satan’s smokescreen. What good will this do in promoting the Gospel?

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Politics in the Bible

The Apostles were constantly attacked by “religious politicians” because The Gospel they preached undermined Jewish authority. Instead of ranting, they focused on preaching. Politics began with the House of Saul. They rejected the Lord from being King over them and asked for a ruler (1 Samuel 8:4–9). God agrees to select a king begrudgingly. Similarly, Jesus did not involve Himself in politics, He was busy preaching or praying.

God’s disdain for propping earthly political power is evident. However, He does from time to time put Christians in the government for specific reasons. That is why we should pray for Christian Senators like Manny Pacquiao, instead of criticizing his rhetorics.

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What the Apostles actually did

The Apostles retaliated against the system, not for political reasons, but to defend “The Gospel” (Acts 4-6). There is a big difference! Like Jesus, they didn’t care much how the government was being run (Mark 12:17), the unbelievers did that part in rallying, complaining, and eventually mounting coup d’etat (Siege of Jerusalem). The government is God’s turf, He removes kings and establishes kings according to His plan (Daniel 2:21).

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Jesus has set the example

Every person is subject to authority because they are ordained by God (Romans 13:1-7). If there was anyone who should have fought the government, it was Jesus. He had a strong following and divine power. Instead of ranting against the abuses of Rome, Jesus focused on ministry and so should we. As Carey Nieuwhof of Connexus Church puts it, “Your job is to share the Gospel, not to change the government”.

Is God calling you in government? Go and serve Him! If God calls you to pastor a church or lead a Gospel mission, go and use every minute to make Christ known. Our political opinion matters little unless we are being asked to go against God’s command. We must obey God rather than men. (Acts 5:29)

Consequently, we should be subject to rulers, to authorities, to be obedient, malign no one, be peaceable, and show every consideration for all men” (Titus 3:1-2).

Your job is to share the Gospel, not to change the government

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  1. The rampant killings is obviously against the Great Commission, not to mention the Ten Commandments. That you’re saying our priorities should be this fight against political correctness that’s yet about to come, and ignoring what is happening now, is very disturbing to my spirit. You advise to fight killing babies but not killing adults. I am pleading you, please pray again, and deeper if you need to. Because you’re being blinded by your own political correctness, to keep silent and not stand up for the clear immorality already raging around us. We don’t have to be political to stand up for the rights of all people to live. Killing sinners is giving them away to Satan. I don’t think God is okay with that.


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