Powerful Testimonies of Transgenders Who Detransition

The powerful testimony of transgenders who detransition after giving their lives to Christ

Around the year 2020, there was a notable surge in the number of teenagers receiving gender-affirming medical treatments such as chemical castration and gender transition surgery.

Transgender craze” has seduced teenagers that the only solution is gender transitioning, supported by “progressive” medical professionals who tell them that it’s the only way to save their lives.

Transgender individuals have bravely shared their stories to shed light on the harmful effects of a misguided ideology that is ultimately at war with children.

Christ Beck, former Navy SEAL

Scott King Nugent

Scott Nugent is a transman who was interviewed by Matt Walsh in 2022 for the documentary, What is a Woman.

George Carneal

CHANGED Movement: Once Gay Stories

Rise of the Detransitioners (Compilation)

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