Pray for the Philippines


Pray for the country

The President
1. That he will intimately know the real Jesus and submit himself fully to God.
2. For wisdom and discernment for each decision, he makes for the country.
3. To open Malacañang Palace and his home for Bible Studies.

The rest of government officials
4. That they, too, may know the real Jesus and submit themselves fully to God.
5. That God will rebuke and penetrate the hearts of unrighteous politicians.
6. For God to expose and replace the hearts of corrupt officials to repent and return what belongs to the people.

The nation
7. The Gospel be freely proclaimed throughout.
8. For the Philippines to become a “godly nation” that fears, obey, and love God.
9. Protection and righteousness of policemen and army soldiers. That blessing will truly be upon them as they serve the country.
10. For each Filipino to love the country by obeying the law, respecting one another, and being responsible citizens that contribute to a better society.

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