Should Christians Criticize President Duterte?

A Filipino nightmare?

It’s a nightmare to hear a leader of a nation make jokes about rape, cuss in live TV, or berate anyone because he did not get the respect he deserves as President, the irony. Despite his confounding manners, he is well-loved by millions because they see hope in his leadership style.

Duterte vs. Duterte

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Despite his colorful personality, his position deserves respect. All government has been established by God or at the least allowed to exist. You can’t twist scriptures to justify your angst. (Romans 13:1)

If you want to criticize, keep in mind what the Apostles taught about submission and the example of Jesus in dealing with leaders like Rodrigo Duterte.

3 Reasons why Christian believers should refrain from criticizing government leaders

1. It’s a bad testimony

Christ-followers in the Philippines is roughly 5 Million; Believers are not the majority. Thus when we rant like hell, it’s notoriety, which is bad testimony.

We aren’t called to slander our leaders but pray for them (James 4:11-12). Atheists love it, and demons laugh when Christians spew hate in their mouths.

Demons laugh when Christians spew hate in their mouths.

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2. It’s not the way of Jesus

Jesus never encouraged His disciples to bash the government. He wants us to share God’s Kingdom of love and forgiveness. Jesus knows there’s social injustice, but “His appeal was always to the hearts of men, not their political freedoms,” said John MacArthur.

Jesus never encouraged His disciples to bash the government.

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3. Satan wants to divide

President Duterte has a strong following, but not everyone likes him. Ranting in social media against a leader may offend others. It also alienates non-believers and believers who may disagree with you. The result is division.

In fact, there are Christians who have unfriended each other over political views. Not even their faith in Christ could unite them. Pride and hate allowed Satan to win.

Pride and hate allow Satan to win.

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If President Duterte fails, our nation falls. Let’s pray for our leaders intentionally, it’s the only way to save the country.

We cannot escape making moral judgments

We must expose evil, defend, and help the oppress. However, there is a righteous way of being critical. We must evaluate moral matters with a humble, helpful attitude. Remember, speak the truth in love, whether you agree or not. (Ephesians 4:15)

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  1. It’s unfair for you to say that Christians should not criticse the President. People should know HE IS EVIL!! for the love of country.


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