President Duterte’s Christian Bashers on Facebook

Why Christian bashers of President Duterte on Facebook is Satan’s Social Media Hobby

It’s a nightmare to hear a national leader make jokes about rape, cuss, or berate anyone because he did not get the respect he deserves as President–the irony. Duterte’s confounding character may well deserve bashing, but is it the right thing to do?

→ Am I sinning if I criticize an immoral person?

Duterte vs. Duterte

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Jesus never spoke out—not even once—against the injustices of the corrupt Roman civil authority

Jesus, knowing the government was his enemy, avoided confrontation. He often withdrew to pray (John 6:15). Jesus never criticized the Emperor but rebuked religious leaders. (Luke 11:37–54)

Be a positive example

Stop twisting scriptures to justify your frustration–trust God. In time, God removes leaders according to His perfect will. A Christian’s role is to win unbelievers with the Gospel, disciple others, and set a good example.

Stop twisting scriptures to justify your frustration — trust God

Satan loves it when we criticize

All government has been established by God or at the least allowed to exist (Romans 13:1). If you want to rebel against a bad leader, keep in mind what the Apostles taught about submission.

If there’s anyone happy when Christians bash and shame the government, it’s Satan. He loves it when we disobey and twist His words. Jesus surrendered His rights, so should His followers.

Example of Jesus in dealing with an evil government.

What happened to the Philippines? If President Duterte fails, our nation falls. Let’s pray for our leaders intentionally, it’s the only way to save the country.

Apostle Paul’s attitude to an evil government.
Should Christians fight the government?
Church leaders who meddle in politics.

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  1. It’s unfair for you to say that Christians should not criticse the President. People should know HE IS EVIL!! for the love of country.


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