Should Christians (too) bash Duterte?

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A Filipino nightmare

Before the Marawi Maute-ISIL Crisis in Mindanao erupted, Christian bashers were already busy criticizing Digong. Well, it’s a nightmare to hear an elected President make jokes about rape or berate anyone who he thinks, does not deserve his respect, the irony. When he’s on TV, I have to tell my kids: “PG-13: Patnubay ay kailangan. Sa mga taong nagmumura, ang tenga ay takpan.” His manners and actions are just confounding.

Duterte vs. Duterte

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3 Reasons why Christian bashers should stop

1. It’s bad testimony

Roman Catholics in the Philippines are more than 80% of the population (mostly Marian and Sto. Niño devotees). Thus, it’s proper to say we are a “Catholic nation” rather than a “Christian nation.” Of the more than 100 Million Filipinos, Christians (of Protestant descent) are roughly 5 Million. Believers are not the majority thus when we rant like hell, it’s notoriety.

Yes, Christians can criticise with good intentions and make a moral judgment of people, but only after self-examination and not with condemnation (Matthew 7:5). We are not called to be their judge (James 4:11; James 4:12). When there’s hate in what we post online, it’s just bad Christian testimony.

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2. It’s not the way of Jesus

Nowhere in the New Testament can we find Jesus encouraging His disciples to bash their government. This does not mean Jesus condones abuse but clearly wants His followers to focus on spreading God’s love. Injustice is prevalent in this world because of the influence of evil (1 John 5:19). Which is why Jesus is coming back and God will set all things new. (Revelation 21:1)

A caveat to disobey the President
The Bible has caveats for you to disobey (Romans 13:1; Mark 12:17). “We must obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29). However, until the President tell Christians to disobey God and violate the rule of law, which was also instituted by God, we must submit. The Bible is clear: Let every person be subject to the governing authorities (Romans 13:1-7).

God can remove anyone from office if it’s part of His plan, you don’t have to try so hard. God has allowed bad rulers to stay in power as His way to judge the people, who are evil themselves. Duterte can only stay in power, for as long God allows him to. Everything the Lord has made has its destiny and purpose. The Lord hates arrogance and will not escape punishment. (Proverbs 16:4-5)

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3. Satan wants to divide

A Christian’s testimony online is important if you want to influence other people for Jesus. Showing political bias becomes bad for Christians who openly bash those they do not favor. There are Christians and non-Christians who support Duterte’s kind of presidency. For many, he is not a statesman but a demagogue but nonetheless, he won according to the laws of the land. He has millions of supporters, who likewise deserve respect by not bashing them simply because of what they believe. Politics divides people.

Personal wars
Frontline Christians have waged personal wars and unfriended their (Christian) Facebook friends because of political differences, the attack turned personal. Some church leaders have also used the pulpit to take sides and involve themselves in politics, causing further division in the congregation. If Christians cannot respect other Christians who have opposing views, how can we stand united and defeat the real enemy?

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We cannot escape making moral judgements, but the right kind of judging is properly evaluating moral matters with a humble, helpful attitude.

Remember, speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15)

Pray with us now

pray for the Philippines
Filipino Christians should unite to influence this nation to get to know the one true God. Instead of ranting – encourage other Christians to pray for the President to always be right with God in both intention and might. #OnePhilippines

* This article was previously titled – “Why Duterte’s Christian online bashers are Satan’s social media hobby.”



  1. It’s unfair for you to say that Christians should not criticse the President. People should know HE IS EVIL!! for the love of country.


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