The need to push for a Christian counterculture


The true face of extreme tolerance and political correctness

A 52 years old Canadian man decided to be a six-year-old girl named Stefonknee, praised for being “true to himself.” In the USA, sex-change treatment for children is on the rise because they want to be tolerant of everything. In Europe, rape culture is justified for the sake of political correctness on open borders.

Conservative and left-liberal war has begun

Satan uses politics to push a pernicious liberal ideology to destroy Christian values. Our real enemy inspires a blend of social nuisances; he calls social injustice, gender equality, and new-feminism. He pushes for political tolerance that typifies a toxic blend of groupthink, hashtags, and ignorance.

We need a counterculture of Christianity defined by “Biblical holiness” and Christ’s compassion

A counterculture is a subculture or group opposed to mainstream mores. As Conservatives become minorities in the west,left-liberals wage war at “conservative values.” Their tool is the unholy triumvirate of equality, diversity, tolerance.

Today’s victimhood culture cries for systemic racism, oppressive patriarchy, women’s oppression, and LBTQ rights. Equality is their crux, the reason for Lucifer’s fall, and liberal Christians have banded with them.

Liberal Christians creating a “tolerant God”

The “cry for justice” of the Marxist-atheist group, Black Lives Matters, illustrates perfectly the war between deception and truth. Christians fall for it.

Likewise, LGBTQ attacking Christians and “transgender Pastors in the pulpit” openly destroy the nuclear family by their behavior.

God is love, but He is also just and will punish wickedness. Christians must love others, but we are also called to be Holy and set-apart.

What’s not helping

Rampant abuse from the clergy, pastors in politics, and religious hypocrites on TV are not helping. Instead, they’re giving Christianity a bad name. As a result, more people believe the Bible is no longer the moral compass for a culture to thrive.

We need a new conservative counterculture that will uphold God’s Truth in love.

generation z
The brain of a teenager are ripe for either receiving God’s truth, or what the world preaches.

Defining tolerance and fluidity: It’s basically blurring the lines on what used to be norms in a conservative society. It’s when “no tolerance is actually tolerated.” The liberal politicians tell us be tolerant, mainstream media tells us be woke!

Generation Z needs to be taught the practical values of a counterculture rooted in Christian morals

The enemy marches to kill and destroy (John 10:10). Satan no longer hides promoting atheism in demonic music. He is winning young people to internet porn. Generation Z needs a moral compass. Truth is not relative.

Truth is not relative.

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  1. We need to unite! please help my kids, I do not ant their future Philippines to be obscure.. and like you said, very westernized.


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