The need to push for a Christian counterculture

Why Christians should push for a counterculture for the new generation

Why we we need to push a conservative counterculture where today’s tolerance is not tolerated

The abhorrent face of tolerance and political correctness

A 52 years old Canadian man decided to be a six-year-old girl named Stefonknee, praised for being “true to himself.” In the USA, gender transition for minors is rising because of tolerance, while in Europe, the rape culture is justified for political correctness on open borders.

We need a conservative counterculture, a subculture opposed to mainstream mores that erodes the true intention of equality and tolerance in the Bible.

1. Conservative vs. Far-Left Liberal war has begun

Satan uses politics to push a pernicious liberal ideology to destroy Christian values. The real enemy inspires a blend of social nuisances he calls social injustice, gender equality, and new feminism. It typifies a toxic mix of groupthink, hashtags, and ignorance.

  • Biblical morals have already been thrown out of the window in American schools, stepping on the grave of Horace Mann who pushed for free public schools.
  • A modern family can be defined as kids having same-sex parents, which should be normative and valuable in a society. Those who oppose it are bigots.
  • Educators in the west has a strong need to educate young kids about trans people, their gay alphabet, as well as their instrinsic values, whatever that is.
  • Schools promote books on masturbation and premarital sex—helping normalize sex among kids. All the while lowering standards by removing “F” to promote CRT, which really is about intolerance.
  • In the book Cult of Domesticity, pious women are ridiculed by feminists while patriarchy is oppression— redefining God’s design for the nuclear family.

2. Today’s culture side·swiped “Biblical tolerance”

As left-liberals wage war on “conservative values,” decency has become unrecognizable because they label Biblical morals outdated. Their tool is the unholy triumvirate of equality, diversity, and tolerance—where victimhood is its crown piece.

Liberal Christians creating a “tolerant God”

The “cry for justice” of the Marxist-atheist group, Black Lives Matter, illustrates the war of deception. Many Christians fall for it in the name of a “new kind of tolerance.”

An uber-liberal society in the name of tolerance

Likewise, transgender pastors in the pulpit, superstar pastors, and women preachers redefine scriptures. Hence, we have lukewarm Christianity that gives way to an uber-liberal society where God’s endless grace abounds—does it?

What’s pushing it back to the left

Rampant abuse from the clergy, pastors in politics, and religious hypocrites on TV are not helping. Today, more people believe that the Bible should not be the moral compass for a culture to thrive.

We need a new conservative counterculture that upholds God’s Truth in love.

generation z
The brain of a teenager is ripe for either receiving God’s truth or what the world preaches.

Defining tolerance and fluidity: It’s blurring the lines on what used to be norms in a conservative society. It’s when “no tolerance is actually tolerated.” Liberal politicians tell us be tolerant, mainstream media tells us be woke.

3. We have lost the Millenials, there is hope for Generation Z

Millennials are dubbed as the “entitled generation.” Thus, we have a lot of grown-ups who refuse personal responsibility. We may lose the next generation that follows them because they are growing in a society where truth is relative.

Satan no longer hides promoting atheism in demonic music as something good. The gender war is real, and the enemy is winning young people through internet porn. Gen Z thinks all these are merely perspectives. That needs to change.

As Horace Mann would have phrased it, Gen-Z needs a moral compass in school that’s rooted in Biblical values. Conservative Christian parents must walk the talk and create a counterculture within their community that can influence their mindset.

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  1. We need to unite! please help my kids, I do not ant their future Philippines to be obscure.. and like you said, very westernized.


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