The need to push for a counterculture for Generation Z

Why Christians should push for a counterculture for the new generation


The true face of extreme tolerance

A 52 years old Canadian man decided to be a six years old girl named Stefonknee and he was praised for being true to himself. In the USA, sex change treatment for children is on the rise because they want to be tolerant of a child’s sexual confusion. While in Europe, rape culture is tolerated to sustain a politically correct stance on mass migration.

Extreme tolerance typifies a toxic blend of groupthink, hashtags, and ignorance. It’s being intolerant of something that was once tolerable and vice versa. It is a culture war between believers and unbelievers.

→ Examples of Christian persecution in the guise of tolerance.

Culture war

A counterculture is a subculture or group oppositional to mainstream mores. It’s good in the sense that it inspires freedom from a sense of cultural oppression. However, Christianity is not oppression as how extreme political correctness illustrates it. We need a new conservative counterculture that will uphold the value of Christian culture.

Orwellian Big Brother in 1994 is Big Tech today?

What’s not helping

Rampant abuse from the clergy, pastors in politics, and religious hypocrites on TV are not helping. Instead, they’re giving Christianity such a bad name that more people believe that the Bible should no longer be the moral compass for a culture to thrive.

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Defining tolerance and fluidity: It’s basically blurring the lines on what used to be norms in a conservative society. It’s when “no tolerance is actually tolerated.” The west tells people to be more tolerant. BBC and CNN among others joined the bandwagon of racial tokenism (misguided diversity) intent on promoting ethnic diversity at the expense of revising history.

generation z

Generation Z needs a new counterculture

The enemy is marching to steal, kill, and destroy (John 10:10). Their most effective tool is promoting covert atheism through social media, YouTube, and internet pornography. If the enemy can’t turn you into an atheist, they’ll try to convince you to be an agnostic. Generation Z needs the correct moral compass, the truth cannot be relative. Rightly put, we must push for norms that hinge on practical Christianity.

Albert is an academic researcher and UX/UI content manager. He is a graduate of Asian Studies and went to the Asian Bible Seminary and Trinity College of Music. He is happily married with three lovable teenagers.


  1. We need to unite! please help my kids, I do not ant their future Philippines to be obscure.. and like you said, very westernized.


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