“I never became straight”

I kissed a girl

Gay girl Rachel Gilson came from a broken family. Her parents met in a gay club, and she only learned of her dad when she was 10 years old. He abandoned Rachel and her mom after physically abusing them. She didn’t have fond memories growing up, and at 14, she had a boyfriend.

A year later, Rachel met a beautiful girl in class. Her classmate asked her to come to her house to help her study. They met, and soon enough, Rachel felt a special connection with her.

Rachel pursued her. Then, that first romantic kiss. She became her first girlfriend they seemed happy.

Can a gay Christian be straight?

Googling Jesus

Studying at Yale, Descarte’s “I think, therefore I am” caused Rachel to wonder if God exists. Googling God, she found Jesus. “The articles and scriptures I found gave a decidedly different impression,” she told Christianity Today.

Her wrong perception of who Jesus is beginning to change. Eventually, she knew what God wanted her to do, but it wasn’t easy.

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A gay-straight life

It wasn’t really about “being gay” that bothered her. Her guilt was her refusal to be the kind of person Jesus wants her to be. Consequently, she gave up the relationship and depended on God’s grace to overcome it.

She became a true follower of Christ and ditched the gay life for what God wanted in her life.

Rachel decided to “live a straight life,” trusting what God can do in her life. Eventually, she met a guy; they were married and has fallen in love with him ever since.

Even 10 years into the marriage, she still struggled with her sexual preference. Are those same-sex attractions supposed to disappear after marriage?

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Should a gay person get married?

Rachel isn’t saying that a “heterosexual marriage” is the solution for homosexuality. Becoming “straight” is not the end goal, either.

Faithfulness to God and the joy that comes from having a relationship with Him is, and should be, everyone’s life goal, gay lesbian or not.

“My Christian life has been imperfect, but Jesus has been faithful to me,” she said. Although sexual purity is important in overcoming a gay lifestyle, she doesn’t see celibacy as the end.

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Being “straight” is not the end goal

Say yes to traditional marriage

For you to have your own family according to God’s design, you have to say “yes” and allow God to take care of the rest.

Rachel embraced who God wants her to be, and He rewarded her with so much love and joy by having a wonderful husband and daughter.

If you have same-sex struggle like Rachel, God may not be calling you to be “straight” but to be “Holy and pleasing” (Romans 12:1). You can only do this by submitting yourself to the cross of Christ, apart from Him, we cannot bear fruit (John 15:5). More importantly, you will receive the promised eternal life if you believe.

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