A Young Girl’s Chilling Vision of Rapture

A young girl saw a vision of Rapture. The bright sky blinded those who Jesus said weren't righteous. She was lifted up to the sky with angels and saw heaven, the throne, and Jesus.

Rapture is Real, and so are Angels, Heaven, Jesus, and Hell

Lois just turned eleven years old. She loves pinks, dresses, Snoopy, and glittering slime. Her Bible devotion was limited to Psalms and Proverbs, and she had no idea what rapture, hell, or what would happen to those left behind—until she saw it in a vivid dream.

The following account was taken the first time she described her vision to her dad. A raw footage interview was later shot.

We’re all going to Heaven

Coming home from church, her family arrived with their gate and doors wide open, but there were no signs of theft. Still in shock, Lois blurted to her dad, “I had this dream last night, but it was really, really bad.”

We arrived home from school; a burglar was inside our house. We tried to stop him, but two people were shot.”

Her dream had a sad ending, but she wasn’t affected by it and said, “I know we’re all going to heaven; I dreamt we all went to the clouds.”

Her hope for the future

Lois told the rest of what she saw to her dad. “You and Mom were already old but still strong. Ahia (brother) had many Christian friends at school, but not girls because they were all non-Christians. He was the smartest and had abs.

I was thin and went to ballet class. Dave looks like daddy but with hair. Achie (sister) had lots of friends who were Christians. I was very beautiful and looked like Ahia’s first love but without pimples. There were no bullies in our school.”


Terrible Earthquakes and Tornadoes

In the dream, Lois saw the news of tornadoes everywhere in the US. They lived in a small but beautiful house that was destroyed, so they had to move to her grandmother’s house for safety.

We had to return to our country, but Daddy had to stay with Granny because she’s very old and sleepwalks. Mommy and the rest of us were on a 24-hour flight, and I was sad.

I hate to say this, dad, but we all liked America. We were enjoying ourselves.” (Lois’ parents were planning to migrate to the USA)

When we arrived in our village, everything was broken. There was an earthquake, and we couldn’t cross the road. Mommy used her phone to Google where we can stay. We found a nice place with many nice people, but they were strict.

The building was strong and made of steel, and there were lots of food. Then we were awakened and asked to go out because the light outside was so bright. Mommy asked the nurses why we had to be outside, but everyone was going out, so we had to“.


I knew Jesus was there

While standing and staring at the super-duper bright sky, I could only see the clouds, but I knew Jesus was there. I heard His voice, and it was in Filipino, but He talked in different languages.

He said, ‘The people who can see me are the ones who are righteous, and those who cannot see Me are not righteous.’ In her recorded interview, Lois said in another way, “People who are righteous will come with me, and people who are not will stay.”

Everyone was looking at the sky, and I saw my classmate, but she was looking away just like other people because the sky blinded their eyes.”

“The people who can see me are the ones who are righteous and those who cannot see Me are not righteous”

The Rapture

We were lifted to the sky and met Daddy there. We wore white, and angels guided us, but they had no wings. While looking down, I saw my friend trying to jump, but she couldn’t join us in the sky.

We were so happy going up while we held each other’s hands. It was a long journey, but an angel was guiding each group that was going up the clouds“.

Becoming young and beautiful

Dad was becoming younger and younger and started to grow hair while we were being lifted. Mommy’s hair was how she wished it was, straight with gradient brown.

I also saw people coming out of their graves like Grandpa Luis, and he was becoming young as he went up. Lolo (grandmother) was with Lola, and they were also holding their hands and becoming young. The old people were just becoming younger again.” (Her grandmother was still alive and well during this time).


The lake of fire

Looking down, the earth was not round but bumpy. The water was gone and turned into lava. I saw the ugly devils, and not all have horns. The devils were dragging the bad people to the lava. Then there was suffering and screaming, those left on earth“.

The earth was drained of water

The earth is not round, Dad; it’s bumpy. The ground, the grass, the roads, and everything on the ground was just fire. The water was also gone, and it became lava“.

Skeletons in the lake

The people down there were dragged into the sea, which turned into lava. They were like skeletons on fire but still alive; it’s like when you have Ebola. It’s like you’ve been poured with boiling water. It was scary.”

She also said, “I’m not sure if they were screaming; they looked like it because, in my ears, it was peace; the angels were singing, and I couldn’t hear the screaming.”


A glimpse of heaven

I saw a little bit of Heaven. It wasn’t like the pictures I saw, but the road was gold, and there were trees. There was a festival with lots of singing. I couldn’t recognize anymore who my family was.

We were all just happy. I can only recognize Jesus. Everyone was young in Heaven, and Jesus never sleeps.”

The Throne of Jesus

Walking towards the center, she saw the face of Jesus. He looked normal, with no wrinkles, beautiful skin, and perfect hair, but it was not long. He also had beautiful blue eyes, and it was so so peaceful. “It was a beautiful dream, and I woke up!” she said.

Later in the video, Lois described the throne of Jesus. It was made of gold and had stairs on what seemed like four sides. Two angels were also with Jesus, and He was wearing a white robe. She said Jesus never sleeps, and it was always daytime in Heaven.


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  1. This following is an insight from a Pastor from Alabama, who we asked to discern the testimony:

    Acts 2:16-17 – But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel; 17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

    This dream is one of many very similar to it that many are having right now. The fact the children are having it is God speaking through the purest of hearts to speak to the world because most of the world has ignored His prophets… However, God is raising up end time prophets that will go forth in a powerful anointing preaching truth and calling the World to Repentance… you can trust me on that!

    The dream starts off with them coming home to find the home burglarized and the bad guts still in the house…two people are shot….This was simply an indication of the type of dream that was about to revealed…She had not thought about sharing the dream until a Real Life situation possibly allowed by God triggered her memory to share what she had witnessed.

    What I am hearing is that in the last of the days the enemy plans on sneaking in unaware and destroying the last of all Christian families and death will come to many because they were not ready and prepared for the destruction that will come. Many will perish in places of familiarity (Homes) because they have not moved out into faith which would have possibly taken them to places of refuge through salvation (as her dreams show many will Not Be Ready for the thief that came in the night because had he announced his coming they would have been ready…Matt 24:42-43 – Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come. 43 But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up.)

    In her dream her family had been relocated to a place of refuge (which is the biblical model – Egypt was a place of refuge – The Ark was a place of Refuge) in the midst of the destruction that was released before the Wrath of God was poured out. (Leaving for America isn’t a physical destination but a spiritual destination of safety and security…America is no safer than anywhere else on the planet, however, God’s word does teach us that he will draw the people from the four winds of the earth from the places He had called them to before destruction came…God’s True People will be safe with the mark of God upon them when the destruction and plagues begin to hit (Remember Israel was protected from the worst of the plagues in Egypt although they witnessed them all).

    The rapture comes after the revealing of the calamity that was striking the earth…the earthquakes and the fear of destruction cause some to be ready for His return to get/rapture His Church…Many will think they are going but will not (this is represented in those who could see the light but couldn’t see Jesus in the light for lack of a righteous relationship with Him) they will be left behind before the final wrath of God is released upon the earth where all destruction is released.

    Many embrace a Pre-Trib rapture (another debate for another day) but notice she witnessed the earthquakes and some of the destruction even in her own village and yet was safe before the Final Wrath was revealed with demons attacking and dragging people into Hell (Lava pit)…After the destruction came to the vision to go out and WATCH for the return which is what she did….Many others were watching as well but couldn’t see His return because they were not True Believers! The Parable of the Ten Virgins (Matthew 25:1-13)

    The graves will be burst forth as the glorification of their bodies will happen as the others are translated putting on the incorruptible bodies that are the only type of bodies that can exist in the presence of God. Everyone will respond to the call to go and all will be given glorified bodies to be in His presence.

    Just a quick note: I am not a total Flat Earth person but I do not believe that we live on a ball that is moving tens of thousands of miles an hour around in a circle. Her vision is actually much like many of those who have in fact seen what the “Earth” looks like from heaven. She says the earth Is Not round or a globe but doesn’t say flat either….what she is describing actually is a type of flat terrain of hills and valleys. Think about it…Jesus will split the Eastern sky (the firmament) and everyone will see him as He returns….Not possible on a globe because He would be visible only on one side of a glob.
    I again am not saying its totally flat I just know according to the description of the earth in Genesis it is Not a Globe…We really don’t know but I am not one of those guys that really cares and gets hung up on it because there is only one way off this planet (Flat or Round) and that is Jesus!

    This Dream is a prophetic warning…This is one of many like it and will increase the closer to the end of this age that we come. A very close young prophet friend of mine whom God has placed in my life to Mentor had a dream the other day that was very prophetic for the end of the age and the call for the Church to get right and stand and declare the truth of God’s Word.

    God told me the other day that He will be using the Un-named and Un-known to go forth in power for the Kingdom of God. I also had a dream years ago that I would be part of equipping the end time army for the battles of the end of the age…very interesting dream considering I know others who have had almost the same dream. God is using those that Love Him for Him and His Glory and not for what His name can afford them here on earth (Prosperity preachers will Go To Hell!). God will use the simple to confound the wise and it is our job in this hour to surrender (warts and all God has never used the perfect just the available) to be used by the King for His Kingdom is about to come into its fullness.

    Hope this helps…Her family would be wise to protect her from the enemy and ask that God would use her mightily as a source of revelation in the days that are ahead.

    • This is truly amazing! I truly feel that all that was said was truth! I, too, have had dreams about things that are to come forth and to warn those in my family. Even those that say or think they are doing what is right become just words if they are not put into action. I’ve had The Lord speak to me and tell me things to co fort me, as well as to pray for my sister. Later years, that same sister past away by suicide. So, I have been taught through trial and error how to listen and obey when we are instructed from The Lord to heed His word and prompting. I’ve also experienced some pretty amazing spiritual experiences that I’m debating on writing a book or not. These experiences are very personal and sacred, and I would never want them to be mocked. So, I’m still praying about that. So glad I read this today. My faith and dedication has been increased even more. That little girl has a very special purpose on this earth.

  2. I had a dream. There was blazing brilliant white light. The dream has me on something like an airplane going into the clouds and when I disembark I see my family that has passed they are young again. I felt disturbed that my children were not with me and I couldn’t understand what was happening really. Everything I knew was Left behind. I did feel confused. But the light the brilliance…I was wearing white. And everything and everyone I saw was also wearing white. It was Kiam, and emotional and so peaceful. My grandmother who greeted me was crying please someone what does this mean?

    • Sometimes dreams are a result of stress, worry, or memory. However, if you are Christian and believes that Jesus is the way to heaven, it could be a clear sign that you need to share the gospel with your family. You can use the one-verse evangelism or the The Good News. However, sharing the Gospel is just the beginning, you need to “work out” your faith through Bible studies and church support.

  3. That’s a very heavy scenerio. I believe the LORD is coming shortly. I think we all get caught up in terms like pre – mid- end tribulation but we are told many times to watch and there are many signs to watch. Look at the size and frequency of the earthquakes now. Look at this horrible pestilence beside swarms of locusts and cuci’s I just read about. The book of truth is open I believe – mostly in Daniel 11. Matthew 24 lines up with Daniel and Rev. 6 & 7 in a timeline that makes sense and is not altered. Repent and pray. Our LORD is coming soon.

  4. Today I had a dream that I was raptured, but there was no white light and it was only me and my brother that were raptured, and i’m worried because it didn’t seem like a good dream or something i’m suppose to have…

  5. My 8 year old daughter drew me a picture yesterday then explained a very detailed rapture dream to me. She said there were angels surrounding the earth with trumpets as we were rising in the sky. There was a violent earthquake & tsunamis on Earth where many many people died. Then she explained which family members were raptured and which were not. She went on to describe heaven and meeting Jesus with our family members. She said we are living in the last minutes right now, and the rapture happens while she is still 8. She’s never had a spiritual dream before either. Get ready brothers and sisters. Get the word out. Also, consider writing an “If I Go Missing Letter” to left behind friends & family members because it’s going to be very scary times ahead for them. Place the letter somewhere obvious so it doesn’t go unnoticed. God Bless you.

  6. I am now 62-year-old from the Philippines, a long time ago (maybe 50 years back) when my Grand Father name Elias is still alive, he told us several visions that really came to pass, and the remaining unfulfilled vision he told us is the coming of our Lord Jesus in our generation. My Parents and other Grand Parents are all in heaven several years ago, but I missed the time when we used to pray together every day at 6:00 pm and after my Grand Parents continue to pray for other hour or more. He also told us that many religious leader, priest, preacher, and pastor will scratch their buttock/head during rapture. I know now why because some our new Christian Church/Institutions know the Bible from top to bottom but voted for our current President who have a bad tongue for decades. But I still pray that they will change, accept, and surrender their mistakes and sins including our president and his followers before the end of time.

    Way back in my teenage day, I saw very small fire like torch and then later one house in our neighbour got on fire. I did take that vision seriously until in 2009 when I saw a rushing water and then Storm Ondoy came that create flush flood in the City and kills hundreds of lives. Then while praying on my bed with closed eyes, I felt the bed is shaking and then after few months the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami came that kills several thousand people. With closed eyes, I saw a treasure and I frequently bought Lottery ticket thinking that I will win but it was the treasure found in Indian Temple.

    Last year 2020 I got other vision two frames, one had several drawings of very big water drops and so we experienced several typhoons and heavy rains that flooded several areas in the Philippines until December (very unusual). The next frames are dot points and I assume it will happen in 2021 but why the dots are only at the first right half of the frame and last half is empty. I assume instantly that those dots represent the covid virus but why it suddenly disappears in the last half of the frame. Then I pray to the Lord to give and help me to understand this vision. The one night while praying, I saw the white shining cloud that opens like a cross shape then shining and glowing image of man is coming out.

    To all who received visions and dreams, like John we will experience the swallowing of the Little Book in the revelation, sweet in the mouth and bitter in the belly. We spread our visions to the people and families, it is sweet to the people to hear your visions, dreams and the rapture but later when they think about it, they will suspect you are having a metal problem like I experienced. Remember evil spirit cannot predict the future only GOD or the Holy Spirit can.

    My intention is be prepared, do good thing, always think, and involve God in your daily routine, surrender all your sins and do not forget to pray daily even you are tired from any works.

    When the apostles asked Jesus about the apocalyptic time, He replied gently but firmly, “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority. But you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you” (Acts 1:7-8).

  7. One thing is for certain: This upcoming feast of Trumpets will be the 2000th feast of Trumpets since Jesus died on the cross!!! This last Passover was ALSO the exact 2000th Passover since Jesus died for our sins!!!
    Me seriously thinks God is trying to TELL US something, and I think we all know what’s about to happen!!!
    This is the most FOOLISH time in history to join a coven and become a witch!!!


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