Best Explanation of End Times Prophecy

The best explanation of rapture, the anti-Christ, tribulation, second coming, Armaggeddon, and the new heaven & earth by Bible apologists

John MacArthur: The future tribulation

The world is not getting better. It is scarier, more threatening, dangerous, and deadly. There’s also more hopelessness. Chronic anxiety and depression are increasing among teenagers, a phenomenon that’s taken recent notice because of damming reports. All these are part of the end times.

“There is no age of Aquarius; there is no coming time of world peace,” MacArthur said. This is a cursed planet, and it exists under the effects of sin and divine cursing.

Got Questions: Rapture; End Times Tribulation

The rapture will not be secret but open and manifest. Its purpose will not be to whisk the elect away from the earth for a while until Christ returns for a ‘second’ Second Coming.

The purpose of the rapture is to allow the saints to meet Jesus in the air as He returns and be included in His entourage during His triumphal descent from heaven.

David Jeremiah: Antichrist, Judgment & Prophecy in Revelation

Dr. David Jeremiah believes the anti-Christ that will set the stage for end times comes out of the European Coalition. He takes power over three European nations and then ultimately controls the world. He promises to protect Israel from the Arab nations but later breaks his Covenant and violates their temple.

Bible Project: Heaven and Earth

The Bible tells us that heaven and earth are being reunited through Jesus. It will be brought entirely together when Jesus returns.

In the Book of Revelation, we get a beautiful image of the Garden of Eden. Heaven (paradise) and earth as we know it will go away. According to God’s plan, it will be a renewed creation that has completely overlapped.

Together, the new heaven and earth will be in the form of a magnificent city, devoid of sin and death.

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