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Christians fighting the government

You either love or hate President Duterte but is he the real threat that’s facing the nation? Christians I know are divided on the issue and a growing number of believers have expressed disgust over the government’s behavior. A few Christian leaders have also banded with Catholics priests in recent years and turn political. Some Pastors encouraged rallying and the leader of a huge evangelical organization proudly showed his political leaning on his Facebook account.

NCCP and PCEC on the SOGIE Bill

Recently, the NCCP and PCEC voiced their “partial” support of the SOGIE bill, among other statements that basically tells the government what to do. Political positions they constantly make are not only unnecessary but polarizing. Unfortunately, their leaders have bought into Satan’s smokescreen.

Don’t get caught in Satan’s smokescreen

Satan has many smokescreens so he can blind even Pastors and church leaders. Christians are called to share the Gospel – NOT to be political or change the government. The government is God’s doing, He removes kings and establishes kings according to His plan (Daniel 2:21). God places Christians in the government who we should support, but politicking is another thing.

Should Christians oppose the government?

The SOGIE bill illuminated: The 700 Club doing it the right way.

The REAL political threat we are facing

God can raise unbelievers to fight the government. Our job as Christians is to focus on the Great Commission. The Apostles faced political persecution as well, but they focused on spreading the Gospel. The real threat is called “liberal politics” and its knocking at the door of our lawmakers. It’s really a spiritual war that we should “fight,” but the other way around.

Unbelievable and ridiculous Christian persecution in the west.

1. Extreme Religious Tolerance

In some countries in the West, the Bible is banned in school. They don’t want to offend other religions. Diversity and tolerance are preached to young minds. Recently, the Australia parliament wants to scrap “The Lord’s Prayer” as part of their century-old daily prayer because it’s unfair to other religions. Likewise, Democrats in the US have removed the oath, “In God we trust,” because it is no longer relevant.

Satan wants religious and sexual diversity

More than 80% of Filipinos uphold the Bible as a moral authority. In the west, the growing number of Muslims, agnostics, and atheists have overturned Christian influence. Believers have become a minority as a result of the government’s push for “diversity.” Now that the tides have turned, Christian persecution is on the rise.

2. SOGIE Bill & Same-Sex Marriage

LGBTQ+ political power in the USA and Canada are so strong that laws are passed to criminalize those against them. “Gay education” is now taught forcibly in some schools and the “bathroom law” in place. Filipinos have always embraced gays and transgenders. We see them on TV. The SOGIE bill is not the solution to helping those who struggle with their sex and identity.

The SOGIE Bill in the Philippines has provisions to criminalize anyone who appears to discriminate against the LGBT. For example., if a Christian venue refuses to accommodate a same-sex marriage celebration, it can be seen as discriminatory. In the USA, a Christian baker Jack Philips was sued because of his faith values.

Why the SOGIE Bill is not the answer.

3. Legal Abortion

About 7.6 million babies have been killed through abortion in the USA through the infamous Planned Parenthood. Women’s rights advocacy such as the #metoo movement is being used by Hollywood to promote abortion. Most alarming are regulations that support abortion rights among young girls in school. Recently, some US states passed a law that allows infanticide.

Invasion of western ideology

The United Nations (UN) has been promoting population control in the Philippines. For the UN, abortion is a basic human right. The UN is a form of ideological colonization,” says Obianuju Ekeocha, International pro-life speaker. In other words, the UN seeks to influence the Philippine government to support abortion. This is a global political fight Filipinos should prepare for.

Why the Gospel is the Answer

In Europe and America, atheism is the norm and Christians have become a minority. What do you think will happen if government leaders, down to all its employees becomes a true follower of Christ? Therefore instead of wasting time criticizing leaders, trust God, pray, and fight the political enemy by sharing the Gospel. Atheism is growing. Use your social media to promote the Gospel by becoming an online missionary.

Dangerous consequences of the SOGIE Bill.
Should I submit to a bad leader?


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