Taal Eruption predicted in 2020-2025


Remote Viewing and Occultism

Remote Viewing is a term used to basically see images (or circumstances) in the mind through visualization. Although the term is relatively modern, it’s really another word for a “seer,” much like dowsing in the medieval period or psychic reading in the 19th century. John Cooke, President of International Remote Viewing Association and Jon Noble claims it’s a “natural” ability.

Remote Viewing, Telekinesis, and Clairvoyance have been used as a military tactic by the US to plan ahead against an imminent threat (Stargate Project). They use it as if it was science. Here’s the thing, all these are rooted in witcraft and sorcery which the LORD detests. Their powers do not come from God but from demonic beings. Do not be deceived.

The Kaballah, Maharishi, Theosophical Society (Rosicrucians) are a mixture of demonic doctrines and Christianity, Satan’s way to confuse the faith. Methods like the Verne effect, transcendental meditation, and science of the mind are all rooted in demonic powers to which God prohibits His people to associate with.



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