TEDx: Pedophiles need understanding?

child victim

Now, pedophilia is a natural sexual orientation says TEDx guest expert

TEDx welcomes the idea that pedophilia is a “natural sexual orientation.” This creeping ideology aims to desensitize the conservative view and overlook it as an offense. Although it was an independent interpretation, TEDx received backlash as a result (TEDx).

American Psychiatric Association (APA) distinguishes between pedophiles who desire sex with children and those who act on those desires (Washington Post). APA is known for their political correctness, and they veer from explicitly saying it’s a mental disorder, lest a sin or child abuse. Nonetheless, the Bible defines fornication as sin.

There is no direct mention of pedophilia in the Bible. However, there are several Biblical principles that describe it as sin (Got Questions). Similarly, leftist ideology wants to normalize homosexuality and ridicule the Bible. Although the struggle is real, God tells us that Jesus has overcome the law of sin and death. By faith, we can do all things in Christ.

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