Root cause of depression Doctors wouldn’t say



  • Science doesn’t know the cause or cure for depression.
  • Matured christian can suffer extreme depression.
  • Depression is a mindset issue.
  • The demonic root of depression.

What science says about depression

Science says depression is a result of chemicals in the brains gone haywire. Relationship problems are common predictors but they can also occur as a result of sickness or trauma. Significantly, study shows genetic hotspots linked to depression. Although there are anti-depressant drugs, NMHI said it won’t work on long-term recovery.

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What the Bible says

Insanity and physical disability were often associated with sin and demons. However, Jesus severed that notion, it’s not always the case (John 9:3). It sounds awful to someone having a mental breakdown but sin has many shapes. You could be depressed because of passion, narcissistic disorder, or financial rut. It can also be a demonic foothold when you engage in immorality, porn or drug addiction.

Science and the Bible

There is a correlation between faith and depression. About 61% recover from depression much faster if they have a religious or spiritual affiliation. A higher percentage (75%) is found in suicide. This has been reported in hundreds of both quantitative and qualitative studies on coping with stress. There are also studies that show faster recovery from sickness with faith and prayer, though it remains debatable.

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When science or faith didn’t help

Suicide because of depression is the second cause of death ages 15-24 (WHO). Recently, 20 students in India committed suicide because of a failed exam. Author and megachurch Pastor Rick Warren’s son Matthew killed himself. Jeff, son of Charles Morris of Haven Today died from a drug overdose.

Andrew Stoecklein and Jarrid Wilson

In 2018, Andrew Stoecklein, the young and vibrant megachurch Pastor preached about depression, then killed himself. In 2019, Jarrid Wilson, church leader, author, and mental health advocate died by suicide. If church leaders we consider as closer to God failed, what hope do we have?

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FACT AND MISCONCEPTION: Being a Christian leader or Pastor doesn’t make you holier. They still sin and can experience weakness like everyone else. Church position doesn’t elevate anyone. In fact, church leaders are the most persecuted and many have faced tragedies like the biblical Job. They are Satan’s ultimate trophies. Although the devil tried to tempt Jesus, he could not because He was born without sin.

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Depression is a spiritual battle:
Carnal vs. Spiritual mind

Depression is a battle of the mind where self-pity allows the enemy to change our mindset. It is hopelessness, the opposite of why Jesus died came. He is our hope, we do not lose heart (2 Corinthians 4:16-18).

On the other hand, Satan tells you “there is no hope,” and the only escape is death. “Metanoia” (Matthew 3:8) has to take place if we are to survive. Indeed, the mind is the devil’s playground:

1 Timothy 6:5 – Depraved mind
2 Corinthians 3:14 – Dull mind
2 Corinthians 4:4 – Blinded mind
2 Kings 6:11 – Troubled mind
2 Timothy 3:8 – Corrupt mind
Isaiah 61:3 – Spirit of “no hope”
Romans 8:7 – Sinful mind

Case and point: Derek Prince

Derek Prince battled depression. Upon reading Isaiah 61:3, the Holy Spirit spoke to him about the ‘Spirit of heaviness,’ a ‘Familiar Spirit’ to which he can only overcome by having the ‘mind of Christ’ and taking Jesus’ authority to defeat the spirit. “There was a person—an evil spirit set against me by Satan himself—tracking me and plotting my downfall,” he said.

Case and point: Mark Goodnight

Mark Goodnight is an associate of Christian apologist Mark Wood, wanted to kill himself when he was 5 and again at age 15. Diagnosed with level-5 neuroticism, he suffered from anxiety and anhedonia. He saw a dozen psychiatrists and took medication for a time. Mark took illegal drugs in college to “soothe” his depression. None of it helped.

He tried self-help books but things only changed when he began to read the Bible. After becoming a Christian, someone laid hands and prayed for healing in Jesus’ name. “The blackness that consumed my life at age five to twenty-five was gone in an instant. Its been 25 years since then and I have no issue,” Mark said. Indeed, true healing can only happen with Jesus. (1 Peter 2:24)

Case and point: Woman with schizophrenia

Each year for a decade, a woman was locked at a mental hospital diagnosed with schizophrenia and manic depression. After knowing Jesus, the episodes stopped. Unfortunately, she no longer pursued her faith in Jesus and returned to Buddhism. She became busy with making money and her mental problem returned, she would even mock God. Consequently, the demons returned (Matthew 12:45). She wasn’t a victim, it was her choice.

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Depression is Satan’s tool:
God’s children are Satan’s trophies

Depression is one of Satan’s tools in destroying us (John 10:10). He wants to take control of our mind, he wants to “devour” us (1 Peter 5:8). In John Gill’s exposition, the passage in Luke 6:18 meant we can be vexed with unclean spirits, possessed with devils, tormented, and afflicted by them.

That’s why Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life abundant.” The following verses clearly tell us Satan is after us:

1 Peter 5:8 – Satan hunts and wants to devour you.
1 Samuel 18:10 – Harmful spirit rushed to King Saul to kill David.
James 4:7 – Resist the devil and he will flee.
John 10:20 – The man has a demon and is insane.
Luke 22:31–32 – He wants to sift God’s workers like wheat
Luke 6:18 – Those troubled by impure spirits were cured,
Luke 8:35 – Demons left and he was in his right mind.
Matthew 17:14-18 – Jesus rebuked the demon, the boy was healed.
Matthew 4:24 – Jesus healed the sick, those oppressed by demons.
Romans 7:18-20 – The evil I do is because of sin that dwells in me.

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Focus on happy thoughts and always trust God. (Philippians 4:8-18, Proverbs 3:5)
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