The Saga of Sage Lily Blair

Saga of Sage Lily Blair: How the school and state law alienated her parents

Michele Blair from Appomattox County, Virginia, shares a nightmare experience caused by the school system and liberal state laws alienating parents.

Sage Lily was adopted by her grandmother when she was two. She grew up in a Christian home, loved and cared for. She did great in school, loved playing the piano, writing poetry, and had straight A’s.


Transgender craze

Sage shared with her grandmother the phenomenon of the transgender craze happening in middle school, with many girls being bisexual, transgender, or lesbian.

Eventually, Sage decided to identify as a transgender boy and chose the name “Draco” for herself as a result of the social contagion.

School withholds Sage’s gender dysphoria

In Democrat states like Virginia, schools are legally obligated to affirm the preferred gender of students, even if they are minors, without requiring parental consent if the child expresses their wishes.

In August 2021, Sage started 9th grade with the name “Draco” on her ID. Despite this, she still presented as a girl and faced bullying at school and online.

Her grandmother remained unaware of her struggles as the school withheld information about her gender confusion under Biden’s Gender Equality Act of 2021.


Human Trafficking

By the end of August, Sage ran away from home and became a case of a missing person. Her case quickly escalated, and the FBI and US Marshall became involved.

The investigation found that Draco (whose real name is Sage) had been “sex trafficked” from Virginia into Washington DC and then transported to Maryland. The FBI and Marshals found her in a locked room at the home of the abuser at 10 pm on September 2, 2021.


“Sound of Freedom,” tells the incredible true story of a federal agent’s daring mission to rescue a young girl from child traffickers in the Colombian jungle.


Parents charged with child abuse for using her legal name

After being rescued, Sage was taken to the hospital and a detention center the following morning.

However, her parents faced charges of “child abuse” because they continued to refer to her as “Sage” and use female pronouns, despite Draco (Sage) preferring male pronouns and the name “Draco.”

Abused in a Children’s home

Sage was placed into the Boy’s Unit of a Children’s Home, where she was again abused.

At this point, Sage (Draco), who was first kidnapped, sex trafficked, and then sexually abused several times, is in the care of the state rather than with her loving home to help her.

Following Maryland and Virginia DSS investigations, the abuse charges were dropped, but Sage was still not allowed to return home.

Michele Blair felt strongly that Sage became a centerpiece for a Maryland public defender’s political and gender agenda, despite their lack of understanding about the trauma caused by the sexual exploitation of a child.

Human trafficking for a second time

On November 8, 2021, the Maryland judge released Sage to a Virginia facility and not to her grandmother’s custody because she continued to call her by her legal name, Sage, rather than her preferred name, Draco. Four days after, Sage ran away from the Children’s home.

All her grandmother could do was pray for her. Seventy-seven days after, a Texas Marshal found her where a predator again abused her.

Sage’s abductors used her for porn, starved, beat, and drugged her. It was a miracle she was even found a second time, according to her grandmother. Thousands of human-trafficked minors in the United States alone are never found.

Sage was finally sent to a residential therapeutic facility in Maryland, where she spent her 15th birthday. Her grandmother was not even allowed to visit her.

Thousands of human-trafficked minors are never found.

Michele Blair’s message to the world

I want to share her story with anyone and everyone who will listen. I am just one small voice for thousands of these children that our society is endangering by passing laws that give them more rights than the parents who are there to safeguard and protect them.

These new laws are putting vulnerable kids like mine in danger. These kids are incapable of the decisions they are empowered with, and adults are stepping in to exploit them while their parents have been relegated to the sidelines.

These kids’ brains aren’t fully developed until age 25! We’re allowing these children, schools, and medical facilities to keep secrets from the parents legally. This is very real and very scary. I should know.


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