Satanic Assault in American Public Schools

A new kind of Satanic assault in American public schools spikes

Satan started grooming kids away from Biblical conservative values by first canceling prayers in school in 1965. He then moved to withdraw Christian traditions, such as removing traces of the ten commandments and Jesus in schools.

In 2021, one of Biden’s directives is to weaponize gender equality and force it on government offices and public schools. Almost immediately, public high schools openly supported transgenderism and the use of gender pronouns.

These were incorporated in teachers’ training, such as in Global Compliance Network or GCN Training, where LGBTQ rights are overly emphasized and must be supported.

Public high schools and colleges like the University of Urbana Champaign enforce the use of gender pronouns, even if it’s uncomfortable for other students and teachers.

The objective is to move God out of schools

The long list of demonic assaults against freedom of religion is growing, and the war on gender pronouns is merely a prelude to removing Christian values and the Bible from schools.

Here are examples of Satan pushing God out of the school system:

  • 2015, Footballball coach Joseph Kennedy at Bremington Highschool fired for praying in the midfield.
  • 2019, School principal Jennifer Sinclair of Manchester Elementary prohibited using “Christian ornaments” as holiday decorations.
  • 2020, Officials at Simpson Elementary School, Mississippi, forced a student to remove the mask because it had “Jesus” on it.
  • 2021, assistant principals Debra Cartwright and John Healy told a substitute teacher and parent who’s also a parent at Glenbard North high school that he cannot pray with his daughter if it were inside the school.
  • 2022, Blake Allen high school student at Randolph Union in Vermont, was suspended for objecting to a transgender being allowed to use the girl’s locker room.
  • 2023, Texas District Keller Independent School pulled over 40 books, including the Bible, from its library.

Christian books are out—LGBTQ books in libraries

In 2021, Amazon and Apple’s modern-day “book burning” canceled faith-based books that help someone overcome homosexuality while these companies continue to sell books that affirm the homosexual lifestyle.

In 2022, several school libraries across the nation faced backlash from conservative parents after a long list of gay books became available in public school libraries. Clearly, Satan is waging war against children and parents.

At the same time, some of these libraries have welcomed with open arms the Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH), where transgenders read books to toddlers and children. Yet, when Christian author Kirk Cameron wanted to present his faith-based children’s book, 50 libraries rejected him.

Satan seems to be winning, but God cannot be mocked; judgment is coming.


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