Demons Prancing in Hollywood, Music, TV’s New Sexual Norm


Satan no longer hides in Hollywood, Music, Netflix, TV, selling lewd antics as the new “sexual norm”

In 1953, Marilyn Monroe was the ultimate sex symbol after she landed on the first cover of Playboy magazine. Jayne Mansfield, her would-be successor, died young and depressed like her. Her life tied with the Church of Satan founder, Anton Lavey. Since then, Hollywood is plagued with a sex scandal, pedophilia, and a nexus of witchcraft and Illuminati conspiracies.

Movies, Netflix, TV

Hollywood promotes abortion and has become political by endorsing an ultra-left ideology that is anti-Biblical. In 2019, actor Christian Bale thanked Satan for his awards. In the same year, NetFlix mocks Christ by portraying him gay while elevating Lucifer as a debonaire.

The rest of the movies these outfits make contains a myriad of sinful and demonic allusions, using sex as its magnet. Way back, TV sex-com ‘Sex and the City‘ shared a billboard with rom-com ‘Friends.’ Promoters added the tagline, “Have sex with friends.”

Recently, HGTV made history with ‘House Hunters,’ when it promoted polyamory or “throuple” on TV. It’s the practice of intimate relationships with more than one partner, with consent. Incidentally, one partner is a lesbian who said she finds this relationship appealing. Leftists call this kind of relationship progressive.

Satan has it all covered

In schools, Transgender Drag Queens are invited by some schools to educate children about what they do. Aside from the now traditional ‘Pride March,’ there is a “slutwalk” in Toronto. In the Philippines, the UP Babaylan school organization advocates decriminalizing prostitution because “Sex work is work.” Satan is working hard.

MOCA Gala, a bizarre gathering of Hollywood’s elite with sexual and demonic allusions allover. (PHOTO Web Archive)

Sexual norm in music

JLo & Shakira’s Super Bowl’s Half Time

The 2020 Super Bowl LIV dubbed the “greatest Latina show.” The stage design was similar to the Satanic Temple’s logo. JLo’s dance was cringeworthy to many real strippers. She also simulated what looked like masturbation. It was a “half-time soft-porn,” and kids were watching.

Miley Cyrus soft-porn antics

In 2013, the world went gaga when Disney star Miley Cyrus twerked on Robin Thicke’s crotch at MTV VMAs. The next year, she flashed her private parts, performed a mocked orgy, and gyrated astride a giant hotdog in front of a teen audience.

Beyonce, Billie Eilish, Kathy Perry, and Elli Goulding

Billie Eilish songs are depressing and suicidal, Ellie Goulding promotes 666, Kathy Perry and Beyoncé embraced the Illuminati. They desensitized their followers into a “new sexual norm”.

They desensitized their followers into a “new sexual norm”

Madonna still leads the pack

JLo & Shakira didn’t outdo Madonna’s cultic and softcore porn faux acts. Her theatrics remains the hallmark of demonic allusions in music. Madonna’s adoration of the dark side goes beyond her sex brand. In 1993, she asked fans to “go to hell” (with her) by chanting a song she wrote at the Girlie Show, Live Down Under Concert.



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