Satanists Pray Openly in 2020

End Times: Luciferians conquers the steps of US State Capitol in broad daylight for an invocation

The Satanist Temple (TST) no longer hides in the dark, just as Satan no longer hides in music. On March 6, 2020, Lucifer’s followers marched and stepped into the United State’s Capitol to perform a prayer invocation and ritual on the 2020 Legislative Session. (Brainbridge)

Their first state-sanction public ritual held on December 19, 2015. Detroit’s Satanic Temple chapter did the same thing in Michigan capitol. In the same year, they unveiled the statue of Baphomet. Attendees had to “sell their souls to Satan” to get a ticket.

Pinoy Atheist use “humanism” to gain members.

The Satanist Temple Seattle Chapter at the steps of State Capitol. Founded in 2013, they are different from the Church of Satan that was founded in 1966 but both are under Lucifer’s dominion.

Satanic Temple & ultra-liberal-left fight for the same things

Ironically, the same kind of leftist democratic politicians who support their cause creates laws that allow Christian persecution. The Satanic group, together with the “ultra-left” liberals are also defending and promoting same-sex marriage and abortion rights.

→ The demonic influence of ultra-left liberal politics.

The Satanic Temple group’s first state-sanction ritual and ceremony in 2016 in Michigan.

2015: The beginning of America’s downfall?

America’s fall began on December 19, 2015, when they allowed the “rights of Lucifer” to conquer the footsteps of the Michigan statehouse lawn. The first state sanction dedication ceremony ensued a demonic foothold.

In the same year, same-sex marriage legalized as well as the first Drag Queen Story Hour, held in San Francisco. Likewise, their Satanic monument, “Baphomet and two children” was first displayed publicly in Detroit on July 25, 2015.

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