Should you Name it, Claim it?

Can you claim blessings from God?

Absolutely YES!. For example, God promised Abraham that He would bless Him with a son, even though Sarah was 90 years old. Likewise, God blessed King Solomon more than he asked for. In Matthew 6:33, God gives absolute promise that He will provide—if you seek Him first.

However, there is a difference between claiming God’s promise and “making a genie out of Him. That’s the new religion of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism..”

→ The seven promises of Jesus.

Name It! Claim It! Take It!
The dangers of the prosperity gospel

A popular evangelist from Ghana wrote the book ‘Name It! Claim It! Take It!.’ A bestseller, it’s about “claiming God’s blessings.” The book is inspiring, but certain passages contradict the scriptures. It also promotes the “prosperity gospel,” characterized by a cultic doctrine.

Excerpt: Page 65 “Cursing the enemy”

“You are to declare that those who sow lies against you shall reap confusion, hatred, and death… the neck of my enemy is broken

Why would anyone wish hatred and death to an enemy, and why would you declare that their necks be broken? We are to bless our enemies and not curse them with ill thoughts. (Romans 12:14)

Excerpt: Page 66 “Self-worth”

“Those that despise me will bow down before me”

Allowing someone to bow to demonstrate their humility does not make sense if you are a Christian. We are called to be humble like Jesus (1 Peter 5:5-6). Why should anyone bow before us, even if the intention is to seek forgiveness? Even angels would not allow anyone to bow before them because it allows them to be worshipped (Revelation 22:9).

Excerpt: Page 67 “Becoming Wealthy”

“People admire my house every day; in my house, the garages are filled with the latest and best types of cars in the world!”

Jesus taught and demonstrated that we are to live simple lives, away from the love of wealth. To begin with, why would we need the latest and best types of cars? The Bible tells us not to seek these things (Matthew 6:32).

Jesus said, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself…” (Luke 9:23). We must be careful of what we claim in Jesus’ name. You could be using it in vain. Remember, “… a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions. (Luke 12:15)

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How should I ask God to bless me?

A missionary who founded a small church promoted this book. They were drawn to its promises. They claimed and declared, “We have a megachurch… we have our own church building,” inspired by ‘page 71.’

However, a church staff saw a vision that the church “closed.” Unfortunately, it did a few months after. Why this after they did everything the book said?

If you want God to bless you what you do, be obedient to His Word; blessings will follow. Don’t put God in a genie lamp. Ask for His will instead.

Don’t put God in a genie lamp, ask for His will instead.

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