School tells student to remove “Jesus Loves Me” mask

School officials forced a young girl, Lydia, to remove her “Jesus Loves Me” mask

Nine-year-old Lydia Booth wore a face mask with “Jesus Loves Me” printed on it. School officials at Simpson Elementary School, Pinola, Mississippi forced young Lydia to remove the mask. She can wear something else that has no “Jesus” on it, reported WLBT.

Her parents decided to file a suit against the school district. According to Booth’s attorneys, the district singled out the girl and robbed her of her constitutional rights.

She can wear something else that has no “Jesus” on it.

Anti-Bible-Black Lives Matters is OK

Meanwhile, it was OK for Lydia’s friends and classmates to wear a mask that promotes “Black Lives Matters” (BLM). Looting, deaths, and destruction have resulted from BLM riots.

The Marxist organization is also anti-Christian. Protesters at BLM burned bibles during a riot. They called it “stinky as the (American) flag,” which they also burned.

Some Simpson Elementary teachers and officials found no danger in sporting the Marxists group’s name and logo. But the name Jesus, the Bible, and prayers are being banned from American schools.

ADF launched another campaign in 2021 to help persecuted Christians in America.

Alliance Defending Freedom is handling Lydia’s case. Help is needed to win this battle against a system that persecutes Christians.

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