Singers who may have sold their soul

Singer celebrities who may have sold their soul to Satan to be famous

Beyoncé and her alleged connection with extreme witchcraft

Beyonce’s frequent sensuality and black arts are evident in her music videos. In 2018, her former drummer Kimberly Thompson accused her of “extreme witchcraft,” says an article in Newsweek.

In 2018, Nicki Minaj’ dressed as the devil‘ at the Met Gala. “I wanted to make sure the bad guy was here,” Minaj said in E! News. Nicki admitted Madonna had a significant influence on her music.


Cardi B packs lesbianism, sorcery, and prostitution in one video

Normalizing sin through music explodes with Cardi B’s highly sexual WAP song in 2020. It combines lesbian foreplay, prostitution, and elements interpreted as being Satanic in nature.

The live performance of the song has also been the subject of criticism, with viewers finding it uncomfortable or cringe-worthy. Conservative pundit Candice Owen said, “Her music and platform contribute to the disintegration of black culture and values…

Unsolicited “sex-ed” is also inching its way to public schools. In 2019, a UK school taught kids about “self-stimulation.” Satan has it all covered.

The lyrics allegedly promoted prostitution, but equally disturbing was the music video. Like a slithering serpent and butt exposed—the Bible associates Cardi B’s behavior with the “children of sorcerers.” (Isaiah 57:4)

In 2021, Cardi B and Megan performed what critics called “lesbian sex” at the 63rd Grammy. They had teenage audiences. FCC received a thousand complaints from concerned parents about the graphic porn-like performance.

In the same year, the phenomenon of the “transgender craze” is seducing teenage girls to an age of confusion, according to Abigail Shrier. Woke doctors label it gender dysphoria, but the truth is, the end result of the Gender Act in 2021 is about legitimizing immorality.


Cardi B admits her new song activates demons. Her now-deleted tweet was recorded. Cardi B’s new song “Shake it” is stirring up emotions, and she’s crying out for help.

Harry Styles and the incubus

One Direction singer Harry Style popularized “gender fluidity” with his gender-fluid fashion. His most popular teen music is ridden with sex. In 2019, Styles’s ‘Lights Up’ music video was “essentially a sweaty orgy of all genders,” according to a Men’s Health article.

The Bible is against what he represents. But what is more intriguing are the demonic elements found in several of Harry Style’s videos.

The Song Theory channel speculates that Harry Styles is portrayed as a mythological demon or incubus in the song “Lights Up.” An incubus is a demon in the male form that seeks to have sexual intercourse with sleeping women. 

In the video, Harry is angry and frustrated when by himself. This is because an incubus requires humans for its vitality and sustainability. Harry then appears to fly out on top of a sleeping person, which is how an incubus attacks its victim, according to various literature.

Harry’s mood changes to delight as he becomes surrounded by various half-naked men and women dancing under sexual undertones, which an incubus seeks to be satisfied.

Sex in the City,’ which began in 1988, ensured that millennial toddlers were perfectly groomed for a new (sinful) sexual norm, and Harry Styles, along with Billie Eilish and Cardi B., might as well be its offspring.


A satanic gender revolution with rapper Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X is perhaps the quintessential satanic worshipper. In 2019, singer-rapper “queer teen star” Lil Nas X rose to fame after flaunting homosexuality and admiration for Lucifer. In 2021, Lil slid down to hell on a stripper pole and gave Lucifer a lap dance in his music video, “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).”

The rapper twerks on Lucifer before stealing his horns—and the Church of Satan is all about it. [Rollling Stones]

Although it can be argued that the satanic elements in his music are symbolic, it is nonetheless a demonic metaphor. While gays alike glorify their sexuality in their music, homosexual acts are abominations in scriptures, which Satan wants to be celebrated.

Additionally, Lil Nas X sold the controversial pair of “Satan Shoes” that had a demonic pentagram, an inverted cross that Satanists also have, and a drop of real human blood that mocks the sacred blood of Jesus.

The rise of provocateurs like Lil Nas X desensitized generations, culminating in an era where Satan’s literacy came out in the open.


Rihanna on the NFL Super Bowl halftime show

In the 2023 halftime show, Rihanna wore red attire that some viewers have described as devilish, while mainstream media NBC praised the performance as legendary and captivating. However, some individuals had noted that Rihanna’s show, like those of Beyonce and Madonna before her, contained symbolism that could be interpreted as occult.

For example, formations of dancers in groups of six (666) and upsidedown crosses hidden like Easter eggs, devil’s horn, and writhing bodies in sexually suggestive moves. Like Sam Smith, Rihanna was surrounded by dancers like a queen they worshipped. [Vocal Media]

Their performances were like a Halloween festival cum Pride March.

Grammy 65 celebrates Satan in 2023

LGBTQ celebrities Kim Petras and Sam Smith‘s smashing collaboration at Grammy 65 was a hellish performance—enough to let blood boil. The awards night featured the song “Unholy” unleashed hell in 2023.

Mike Dice called the Award performances a pure noise and pop poison, fitting for the “United States Sodom and Gomorrah.

Madonna’s influence continues

Madonna is often credited with pioneering sexual imagery and controversial themes in music videos, which has had a lasting influence on popular culture. Many contemporary artists, such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry, have cited Madonna’s significant influence on their work.

In 2020, singer Dua Lipa collaborated with Madonna (and Missy Elliot). The “New Rules” singer was clear” Madonna has been a significant inspiration to her. She embraced the “bad girl mentality” in “Hotter than Hell’ in 2016. Her other songs, Sweetest Pie (with Megan Thee Stallion), Demon Slayer, and Silk City, have disturbing lyrics.

In her most controversial pictorial yet, Madonna uses the number seven. She has seven diamonds on her neck, holding a heart with seven daggers piercing the heart. Seven in the Bible is associated with completion, but what exactly did Madonna complete?

Giving up her soul to the devil

In 2023, the legendary pop queen, Madonna, reinvented herself. This time, she broke the already cracked mold. Madonna became the unholy “mother of god” and a blasphemous “female counterpart” of Jesus for her Celebration Tour photo opt.

People close to Madonna say she has given up her soul, claimed content creator Nick Vaughn Jones.

The Bible assigns the numeric value of completion to the number seven. Hence, she may have fulfilled what Satan wants her to accomplish. But the most disturbing outcome of her blasphemy is that millions of people praise her for her artistic influence.

Conservative pundit Candice Owens condemned Madonna’s disgraceful Satanic photoshoot that mocks Christianity.
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