Sino Ako HIV Campaign in Pasay University

Sino Ako HIV Campaign in Pasay School University kicks off during the love month of 2019

The number of HIV infection in the Philippines is dangerously rising. It’s a silent epidemic that’s sweeping the nation and the Department of Health (DOH) is very much alarmed. DOH identified six major cities in the Philippines that has the highest rate of infection. Although Manila ranks third, Pasay falls close behind because it has an active nightlife with a high rate of males having sex with males (MSM) and female sex workers.

There is hope

A group of men came out of their comfort zone and have become “Warriors for Christ,” proclaiming that there is hope for people suffering with HIV. The rate of infection has crossed demographics, with both male and female, young and old, who can easily acquire the virus through casual sex. “Let’s do something about it, young people should know that they are at risk” says Disraeli Pacuno, the group’s forerunner.

Michael Amante presented HIV 101 facts and figures and placed emphasis on prevention rather than treatment. For young people who have had sexual encounters in past or is sexually active, early detection is important because a late diagnosis may be too late. “Know your status, get tested,” he said.

Sino Ako HIV Campaign at CUP corridor: Even without a facility, the school is bent on helping college students learn the importance of sexual purity. Shown here is Prof. Jojo Pinlac, encouraging the club members who attended the seminar.

Alan Belleca shared his HIV testimony and encouraged the college students that there is hope. He warns students, especially the girls to be careful. One of the tragedies that Alan had to bear was becoming blind, but he shares the hope and joy he has with Jesus. His eyes are wide open to what God has prepared for him.

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Alan Belleca, diagnosed with HIV at late stage, shares his testimony before college students.

Disraeli shared hope through Christ, and that by putting your faith in Him, all things can be overcome. He challenged everyone to pray and come clean before God, that His Holiness be the shining inspiration of the CUP students in aiming for sexual purity. The campaign was an imminent warning to everyone that the risk is real and although treatment for HIV is available, early detection is important to prevent it from progressing to deadly AIDS. He stressed that abstinence is extremely important, wait until you get married.

wait until you get married.

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John 15 CUP School Club officers with guests speakers and school director, Professor Jon Solangon.

John 15 School Club hosted the Sino Ako event in February 13, 2019. It was held at the ground floor corridor of City University of Pasay, Pasadena St., Pasay City. Visit if you need counseling or is looking for a support group.

The event was well supported by OSA Dean Prof Melvin Crisostomo (left), Prof. Jojo Pinlac (not in the photo), and CUP President Dr. Rosanie Estuche (center)
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