Sino Ako HIV Campaign launch in Kalayaan HS

Sino Ako HIV Campaign at Kalayaan National High School, Pasay City

The rate of HIV infection in the Philippines in the early 1980s was extremely low compared to its neighboring Asian countries. In 2008 the daily infection rate steadily rose from one person each day to 29 in 2017. However, reports say that in 2019, at least 32-35 people each day will be infected. DOH encourages information dissemination because the cases are getting younger.

Although sodomy or homosexual activities have been closely linked to the infection, innocent men, women, and babies have also been infected. “We need to do something and reach out,” says Disraeli “DZ” Pacuno, who has been sharing the gospel of hope to people with HIV/AIDS. As a former politician, DZ celebrated a decadent homosexual lifestyle but later found real happiness when he gave up everything and followed Christ.

Be tested

John15.Rocks Center partnered with these men to help students be aware of the consequences of wrong moral choices and ignoring how the Creator designed sex and marriage. “Know your status, get tested,” said Michael Amante, who is part of this Christian group.

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“Warriors for Christ” with Kalayaan High School staff and guests speakers Michael Amante, DZ Pacuno, Alan Belleca with School District Director, Pastor Jon Solangon.

Sexual purity and abstinence

Alan Belleca shared his HIV testimony that resulted in blindness. His message was centered on hope and second chances. Alan’s life’s story is not only a lesson but a warning that young people should seriously consider sexual purity. Abstinence is an important key in reducing the infection rate. Prevention is better than treatment.

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John 15 School Club conducted its first HIV campaign inside the school ground on February 12, 2019. The event was a success, thanks to the support of Ms. Cleofe Garde, Senior High School Assistant Principal of Kalayaan National High School, with the school principal, Ms. Emily Tolentino, Dr. Mark Anthony Familaran, OIC Principal and Junior High School Assistant Principal, and the Grade 11 advisers.

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