Spiritual Warfare: Satanic & Demonic Nature of Lust

Spiritual Warfare:
Exposing the demonic nature of sexual sin, claiming victory in Jesus

In most developed countries, fornication under the guise of “tolerance and diversity” is open, and celebrated with colors. Mainstream media desensitized many to accept these are norms of a utopian society—that morality should not be defined by scriptures.

Sexual impurity opens the gates for all kinds of sexual demons to enter

Many Christians live a defeated life in pornography because they silently agree to the lies of Satan that victory is difficult. Laws such as AB2943 prohibit biblical teachings on immortality. There is freedom in Christ if your faith that goes with repentance is genuine.

It’s not always demonic

Some exaggerate spiritual warfare by giving “credit to Satan,” though he had nothing to with it. Pray for true humility to discern if spiritual warfare is needed. A spiritual battle is biblical, but so is the “idol of pride” when exercising delegated authority.

Did Satan make me do it?

Satan cannot make a Christian believer do anything, but he can entice you to sin (1 Peter 5:8). If you give in to your own sinful desire (James 1:14), it was a choice you made (James 4:7). Satan’s temptation becomes a toehold.

Foothold and stronghold

As you go deeper, it becomes a foothold and eventually a stronghold where Spiritual Deliverance and fasting is needed. The person oppressed must believe and receive Christ because apart from Christ, we can do nothing.

apart from Christ, we can do nothing.

Temptation of St. Anthony by David Teniers the Younger, c 1650.

Spiritual Warfare on Sexual Spirits

Adapted from Spiritual Warfare Author:
Richard B. W. Ing, D.Min., J.D., Ph.M., B.S.
Light of the World Ministry, Honolulu, Hawaii.

I – Exposing Satan’s plans

Things of the flesh are opposed to the Spirit of God. The ancient Babylonian system is basically the worship of the flesh, that is why the scriptures warn us that “flesh leads to death, while the Spirit to life.” (Romans 8:1-6)

List of spiritual sexual nest

These spirits can come in groups and possess the body as their “sexual nest.” Thus enabling a list of sexual perversions to act out in various circumstances.

Anal sex
Insatiable lusting
Oral sex
Rape Abuse

II – You can pick up demons from sex partners

Do not be yoked with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14) and when you engage in sexual partners (who is not your spouse), you also cleave as one.

Spirits transfer from one to the other and there were cases when the sexual spirits of a person identified themselves as coming from a strange religion. The man had lived with a woman whose mother was involved in that religion.

In addition, someone with heavy bondage to these spirits may allow demonic invasion. Passed down to children, it becomes like a “sexual curse.” This only happens if the household does not belong to God.

Praise be to God, we have victory in Jesus!

III – The Babylonian religious system

This system that comes in other names is Satan’s “organized religion” to oppose Christianity. The Babylonian religion is thick with sexual sins, lust, prostitution – insatiable appetites that keep people in bondage.

Scripture references:

A. Man will become like BRUTE BEASTS in the end times. Jude 20; 2 Pet. 2:12.
B. Sex is one of the FOUR DEMANDS of the FLESH, along with food, shelter, and clothing.
C. Babylon trades with such MERCHANDISE. Rev. 18:11-13.
D. Her flesh merchants are everywhere. They make millions of dollars every day—prostitution, drugs, pornography, slavery.

IV – Sexual liberation

Supporters of this movement on TV and social media have bolstered this Satanic agenda. It comes in many names expressed through “political correctness.” It covertly promotes promiscuity by saying all kinds of sex (even with animals) are OK.

Sexual liberation movements:

VI – Sexual fantasies

Often, excessive sexual fantasies allow filth to enter the mind and give birth to full sin. It can rob a Christian of his spiritual inheritance. Sex fantasies appear harmless and even fun, but it can rob you of time with the Holy Spirit. This is manifested through the following:

  • Pornography (video, magazine, internet), club shows, prostitution, and others.
  • Masturbation where sexual fantasies are often involved or lust for someone.
  • Most importantly, we have a clear understanding of Jesus and what He has done for mankind.

The law of sin in the flesh tells us that when you worship the flesh, you are bound to sin, and the flesh leads to death, while the Spirit leads to life. This is one of the most valuable principles of the Bible. (Romans 7, 8)

Manual for the Deliverance Worker.

Sexual deliverance is a controversial subject: For this to happen, a person must submit to the Lordship of Jesus. This means evangelism must first occur. The person oppressed must believe and receive Christ because apart from Christ, we can do nothing. He or she must come to “repentance,” a changing of mind and decision to abandon perverted sexual desires.

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