Stories of Demonic Encounters

Stories of demonic encounters and our victory in Christ

Sold to the devil

In 2023, conservative commentator Michael Knowles interviewed parish priest Fr. Dan Reehil, who told a story of a young violinist woman whose mother was a Filipina.

However, we could not verify the integrity of the story. It is also possible that Fr. Reehill changed some of the details to protect these people’s real identities.

In the late 2000s, the woman was about to complete her studies at the highly regarded Juilliard School in New York City.

She wanted to be the best and was often heard saying, “I would do anything to be famous.” Despite her incredible talent, she didn’t have job offers, unlike her peers.

One night, she had a dream and met a beautiful naked man who promised her fame and power. The man produced a contract out of thin air and used his finger to slash her finger and had her sign it in her blood.

She woke up the following day with a cut on her finger, and ashes were on the floor beside her bed.

Within a couple of weeks, she signs contract tours making a lot of money and gaining fame. Despite her success, she eventually gets influenced by drugs and contracts HIV.

Confined in a New York City hospital, she would convulse as the devil’s possession takes place.

Her frantic mother sought help from the chancery, and an exorcist said that to cancel the contract, the woman must write the apostle’s creed and sign it in her blood.

After signing, she convulsed, flatlined, and died. There was hysteria, and all of a sudden, she was back. She was also completely healed from HIV.

Demons mocking those who come to Christ

After committing herself to Jesus, Barbara began to have nightmares. She would wake up screaming and crying. In her dream, the devil was even singing Christian songs and mocking her and God.

A similar thing happened to a former warlock who became a Christian. John Ramirez allied himself with the devil and was given the power to curse people. When he became a Christina, the devil himself came to John Ramirez to mock and threaten him physically.

Our victory in Christ!

Demons cannot touch those who belong to Jesus unless God permits it. Our faith will be tested, and demons will continue to tempt or even mock us, but when we remain strong in their faith, it will flee, for it is a defeated foe. They have no power against the cross of Christ.

Therefore, submit to God. But resist the Devil, and he will flee from you.

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