Summary of John Chapters 1 to 21

Summary outline of the book of John, Chapters 1 to 21

Chapter 1

1-28, In the beginning.
29-32, John testifies about Jesus, the Messiah.
35-42, John’s disciples follow Jesus.
43-51, Jesus calls Philip and Nathanael.

Chapter 2

2-12, Jesus changes water into wine.
13-23, Jesus clears the temple courts.

Chapter 3

3-21, Jesus teaches Nicodemus.
22-31, John testifies again about Jesus.

Chapter 4

10-26, Jesus talks with a Samaritan woman.
27-38, The disciples rejoin Jesus.
39-42, Many Samaritans believe in Jesus.
43-54, Jesus heals an official’s son.

Chapter 5

1-15, Healing at the pool.
16-30, The authority of the Son of God.
31-45, Testimonies about Jesus.

Chapter 6

1-15, Jesus feeds the five thousand.
16-24, Jesus walks on water.
25-59, Jesus the Bread of Life.
60-70, Many disciples desert Jesus.

Chapter 7

1-13, Jesus goes to the festival of tabernacles.
14-24, Jesus teaches at the festival.
25-44, Division over who Jesus is.
45-52, The unbelief of the Jewish leaders.

Chapter 8

1-11, Jesus on condemnation.
12-20, Dispute over Jesus’ testimony.
21-30, Dispute over who Jesus is.
31-47, Dispute over whose children Jesus’ opponents are.
48-58, Jesus’ claims about Himself.

Chapter 9

1-12, Jesus heals a man born blind.
13-34, Jesus rebukes the Pharisees.
35-41, Jesus warns about spiritual blindness.

Chapter 10

1-21, The Good Shepherd and His Sheep.
22-40, Jesus rebuked Jews upset over His deity.

Chapter 11

1-16, Death of his friend Lazarus.
17-37, Jesus comforts the sisters of Lazarus.
38-44, Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead.
45-57, The plot to kill Jesus.

Chapter 12

1-11, Jesus anointed at Bethany.
12-19, Jesus comes to Jerusalem as King.
20-36, Jesus predicts His death.
37-50, Belief and unbelief among the Jews.

Chapter 13

1-17, Jesus washes His disciple’s feet.
18-30, Jesus predicts His betrayal.
31-38, Jesus predicts Peter’s denial.

Chapter 14

1-3, Jesus comforts His disciples.
4-14, Jesus the Way to the Father.
15-31, Jesus promises the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 15

1-8, The vine and the branches bear fruit.
9-11, Keep Jesus’ commandments.
12-17, The greatest command of Jesus.
18-27, Jesus warns of hatred for following Him.
26-27, The work of the Holy Spirit.

Chapter 16

1-33, Disciple’s grief will turn to joy.

Chapter 17

1-5, Jesus prays to be glorified.
6-19, Jesus prays for His disciples.
20-26, Jesus prays for all believers.

Chapter 18

1-14, Jesus arrested soldiers and religious leaders.
15-17, Peter’s first denial.
19-24, The High Priest questions Jesus.
25-27, Peter’s second and third denials.
28-40, Jesus before Pilate.

Chapter 19

1-16, Jesus was sentenced to be crucified.
17-27, The crucifixion of Jesus.
28-37, The death of Jesus.
38-48, The burial of Jesus.

Chapter 20

1-10, The empty tomb.
11-18, Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene.
19-23, Jesus appears to His disciples.
24-29, Jesus appears to Thomas.
30, The purpose of John’s Gospel.

Chapter 21

1-14, Jesus and the miraculous catch of fish.
15-25, Jesus reinstates Peter.

Commentary on the book of John.
The most important command of Jesus.

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