“Super Bowl of Preaching:” Female pastor Alli Patterson kicks Bible

Female Pastor Alli Patterson kicks Bible in “Super Bowl of Preaching” spinoff in Cincinnati church

In 2024, Crossroads Church Cincinnati had its 22nd event titled “Super Bowl of Preaching,” which was supposed to be a unique spinoff of the American Super Bowl. They reference the Holy Scriptures using the phrase “Yeti Bible.”

Yeti is a noun that means “abominable snowman,” though it can also symbolize guardians against evil spirits, according to the pagan tradition in Tibet.

In a nutshell, the special preaching event was a mix of entertainment with a splash of moralistic therapeutic deism. They also included a parody of “Wrecking Ball” ala Miley Cyrus.

But the heresy and ignorance do not stop here.

Staging the mocked Super Bowl event, the deacons and pastors were dressed for football. The game’s highlight was for someone, in this case, Crossroad’s female “teaching pastor” and author, Alli Patterson, to kick the Bible to the other person to score.

The other person appears to have missed it intentionally so it can be tossed to the congregation, supposedly making a powerful point.

pastor kicks bible

The Word of God is not enough for the Cincinnati church

The Super Bowl spinoff was intended to imbibe a “powerful” message of the Bible using the imagery of the Super Bowl, which is the ultimate “super sports event” in the USA.

After all, the progressive church believes the preaching should be fun, along with a bit of humor, “really great music,” and some “smack talk,” according to its community Pastor, Andy Reider.

In other words, “the Word of God is not enough.”

According to the church’s website, “Training isn’t just for athletes; it’s for anyone who wants to have a powerful life of faith. Come discover what the Bible says about Training for a life of impact.” Hence, the kicking of the Bible was a powerful imagery.


A female pastor from Crossroads Church Cincinnati irreverently kicks a bible like a football. The shocking display of irreverence contradicts Apostle Paul’s instructions to the church in Titus 2:1-8.

“Taken out of context”

Crossroads church faced backlash, especially from conservative Christians. The following Sunday, one of their pastors said the illustration was “taken out of context.” He also said that critics have “Tik Tok Use Disorder,” and if only they watched the entire program, they would understand the context.


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