Superstar Pastors Accused of Heresy


Christian influencers, pastors, preachers, accused of heresy, and called “false teachers”

Beth Moore on hearing God’s voice

Beth Moore is so close to Jesus that he’d tell her to “come out and play” to “build a snowman” or call her “honey” and “babe,” says Texas Pastor Tom Buck. God also dictates words to her for people to know—in not so many words.

The issue with Moore is faulty biblical hermeneutics says her critics. She is also very animated in delivering her message, a character common among most preachers accused of the same.

John MacArthur said, “Women pastors and women preachers are the most obvious evidence of churches rebelling against the Bible…” Moore’s open letter called attention to “misogyny, objectification and astonishing disesteem of women.” 

Beth Moore, a dear friend of Wheaton College Ed Stetzer, publicly criticized Christians who supported Trump. Demonic far-left liberals share the same sentiment.

In 2021, Jory Micah, who refers to herself as a theologian, tweeted, “Jesus’ words are more important than Paul’s.” According to Reformation Charlotte, Jory referred to Pastor Beth. Moore undermined Paul’s command for women. Both claim Jesus said otherwise, superseding Paul’s words.

Moore is also associated with Osteen, Joyce Meyer, and Carl Lentz, accused of extra-Biblical preaching.

Beth Moore has a solid following among women. She has been criticized for her position as church leader under the guise of a Bible teacher promoting MTD.

Pastors who lost faith and gave up Christianity.

Carl Lentz’ fudgy theology

Hillsong’s Carl Lentz is one of many “cool Pastors” who hangs around celebrities like Justin Bieber. He’s proud of his tattoos and trendy fashion. In 2020, Lentz was asked at ‘The View’ if abortion was a sin in your church.

He gave a disturbing and fudgy answer: “That’s the kind of conversation we would have finding out your story… what you believe… God’s the judge… and if I have to tell you (the answer), that’s such a broad question to me…”

Leftists love to hear “humanist preaching,” which is a frequent tone in churches like Hillsong. The audience clapped at Lentz with his ambivalence. They would have not if Lentz quoted the Bible, “Thou Shall Not Kill,” said a pastor.

The problem with Lentz isn’t just a lopsided theology. Like Joel Osteen, they stay away from scriptures and promote MTD, expressed Justin Peters. In November 2020, Lentz was fired from Hillsong and admitted adultery.

Carl was soft-peddling his answer when asked if abortion is a sin. His left-liberal audience cheered. Jewish pundit Ben Shapiro called it non-sense and problematic. What’s wrong with Hillsong?

Catholic priest renounces faith.

James MacDonald accused of misappropriation

James MacDonald is an evangelical Christian pastor, evangelist, and author who co-founded a megachurch Harvest, Bible Chapel. He lived in a mansion and lived an extravagant lifestyle.

He justified it for God’s glory. He’s accused of misappropriation of church funds, sexual harassment, among others. He was excommunicated and fired in 2019.

Simple financial advice for Christians.

Jen Hatmaker pushing gay Christian union?

Christian speaker and author Jen Hatmaker believes an LGBT relationship can be holy. She was thought to be a successor to Houston evangelist Beth Moore, her mentor.

In April 2016, Hatmaker called for the full inclusion of LGBT people into the Christian community.

Becket Cook testimony.

Joel Osteen, the power of “I am”

Joel Osteen inspires many because he always talks about positivity and blessings. However, just like other MTD preachers, he diluted what it really means to be a follower of Jesus.

For example, in his book ‘The Power of I Am,” Osteen quotes 64, “I am…” He dilutes Paul’s point with self-centeredness. Here are a few of them.

I am blessed.
I am prosperous.
I am successful
I am talented.
I am wise.
I am healthy.
I am happy.
I am confident.
I am attractive.
I am anointed.

Osteen has focused on health and prosperity, seldom quoting scriptures. Instead of pointing people to daily sanctification and repentance, his focus is “all about me and a little of God.”

In contrast to these wonderful words of “positivity,” Jesus teaches us to be selfless.

Can I claim it, declare it?

Joseph Prince on “hypergrace”

Undoubtedly, the emphasis on grace by Singapore’s prominent charismatic preacher, Joseph Prince, is healthy, says Paul Barker of Gospel Coalition. For him, the law is enslaving. Yet, the law begins with grace. It is a response, not a means of winning it, according to Barker.

In Prince’s book, Destined to Reign, Paul Barker said he fails to understand the law’s nuances and shrugged it off as not essential because of grace.

Prince (wrongly) claims we must not preach the Commandments because they kill (p121) and lead believers to sickness and depression. He turns 2 Timothy 2:15 into a call to separate (divide) the old and new covenant (p51). This is appalling exegesis, said Barker.

Joseph Prince claims we need not confess our sins (hypergrace), a mixture of truth and error. In contrast, the New Testament encourages us to respond to God’s forgiveness, including repentance, a requirement for salvation.

Like other superstar preachers, Prince ignores repentance. As a result, many people come to God without knowing the price. Hence, “cheap grace.”

The rest that the Gospel Coalition author wrote included faulty exegesis on the use of the Bible. Baxter said he evades the core message and goes around it to emphasize grace. His argument directs us to grace and Jesus but wrongly interprets it, concludes Barker.

Why Pastors must preach repentance.

Joyce Meyer

In 2016, Joyce Meyer opened a “revival” at Elevation Church with a toilet room sex joke. Steven Furtick brought in some of the world’s top false teachers to narcissistically eisegete the Scriptures to fit their bad theology, rebukes Pulpit & Pen.

Steven Furtick also made similar sex jokes by saying, “When God called Abraham… he was so old his stuff wasn’t even working anymore…, he had a hard time getting it.

Meyer is at the top of the charts, with millions of followers awe-inspired by her wisdom with the prosperity gospel. She claims Jesus was a sinner (born by Adam) who became born again.

She also claims we can hear directly from God so we can make the right decision.

Paul Turner’s gender transition

Best-selling Christian author and Pastor Paul Stone Turner divorced his wife. Then embraced womanhood and live the life he felt God wanted for him. He said we could be ourselves, and God will still love us no matter what.

Woke church baptizes the transgender child.

Mike Bickle’s iHOP some label cultic

Mike Bickle built the multi-million dollar international house of prayer, iHOP. What he preaches is built upon supernatural visions and prophetic words from two “discredited prophets.”

Others say IHOP is a cult. A former member claims —IHOP brainwash young people about its PH (Prophetic History); that Jesus is returning; therefore, it’s OK to give up college and serve in the ministry.

Freethinkers, a new cult emerging.

Ravi Zacharias double life

Ravi Zacharias’s sins were exposed after he died of cancer in 2020. After a lengthy investigation that took about three years, the RZIM ministry confirmed the allegations true.

He led a very successful ministry that took him around the world. He was dubbed as one of the most important apologists of the century. He mentored celebrities, church leaders, but beneath it was a double life—is Ravi Zacharias in hell?

Satanic nature of sexual sins.

Rick and Kay Warren

Internet memes against Rick Waren expose him as a “false teacher.” For example, he ordains women as pastors, compares Jesus to the Catholic Pope, and says Christians and Muslims have the same God.

Warren is also associated with “hypergrace,” when he said during an interview with Larry King in 2004, “… the rule is grace, you see, you have to do the almost impossible to go to hell, you have to reject the love of Jesus Christ, now why would anybody reject that?”

When Billy Graham’s son supported Trump, Warren’s wife Kay and liberal Christians publicly criticized the “heavily flawed” pro-Christian President. Kay is also a Bible teacher criticized for her pastoral position.

The power couple involved in community work is associated with politicians and progressive groups like Christianity Today.

In 2013, their son Matthew struggled with depression and killed himself. Rick said his son took his own life in “a momentary wave of despair at his home” after a “fun evening” with his parents.

Women preachers, endangering the Gospel?

Rod Parsley, Steven Furtick’s mentor

Furtick’s mentor, Ron Parsley of World Harvest Church, teaches prosperity gospel. “He is really very good in cherry-picking scriptures and making it fit…,” said Brianna Williams, TV director, and church former member.

Parsley also told Brianna, “You have the ability to direct divine activity,” which is consistent with the gospel of ‘Name it claim it.’ Furtick calls Ron his spiritual father—legendary.

Rod Parsely is one of the “worse of the worse preachers,” said Justin Peters. He said in this video, “I feel your faith tugging on me,” which Jesus also said, making Rod an object of faith. Furtick said a similar thing, “If you don’t have faith today, borrow mine.

T.D. Jakes also mentors Steven Furtick. Jakes does not believe in the Holy Trinity.

Steven Furtick’s extra-Biblical claims

Steven Furtick is extremely popular. However, critics brand him as a “motivational speaker” that makes people feel good and tickle their ears.

In 2020, Furtick described God as a “Molecular structure that fills all,” a pantheistic view, not Biblical. He also claimed “God broke the law for love,” one of several extra-Biblical revelations he claims. [Patheos]

In 2018, the Elevation church Pastor said, Even Jesus cannot override your unbelief….” The Bible says the opposite. God regenerates and initiates for us to have faith in Him (John 6:44). From his humble beginning, Steven Furtick is allegedly worth 55 million in 2021.

Elevation church reported Collin Miller’s video that exposes Furtick to YouTube for copyright infringement. He won the case.

Did I choose God, or did He choose me?

Willow Creek

Pastor Bill Hybels, the founder of mega-church Willow Creek, was the real deal for Christian theology. In 2018, members exposed his sexual sins. In March 2019, sex abuse allegations were confirmed.

As it turned out, Hybel’s mentor, Gilbert Bilezikian, also engaged in “inappropriate behavior” for several years. These preachers engaged in duplicity, using “humanity” to justify sin.

In January 2020, the church lionized Bilezikian by giving “Dr. B” a “rockstar” tribute. Literary glorifying him in this video, during Willow Creek’s 40th anniversary.

Willow Creek attempts to restore its dwindling membership. They have preachers like Megan Fate Marshman, who would slides in and out of the stage, dragging props impassioned.


Darkness descends on pop-Christian churches.

Since 2011, years before Hybel’s scandal, brave pastors at Willow Creek acknowledged the church is failing. Today, membership continues to dwindle.

Pastors who are listed as multi-millionaires

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Chris Oyakhilome
Creflo Dollar
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Eddie Long
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Joel Osteen
Steven Furtick
TD Jakes
Robert Tilton
Paul & Jan Crouch
Peter Popoff
Paula & Randy White

Preachers who are listed as billionaires

Edir Macedo
Kenneth Copeland

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