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We want to help by referring support groups that can equip and minister to you.

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    • Malamang, iyan ay isang STD. Pero lahat ng nakikipagtalik ay chance na magkaroon ng HIV, kaya kailangan magpacheck at maging faithful sa asawa.

  1. I wanted to let you know that when I came to your website, there was a message telling me to go back to YouTube. There is a lot of censorship for Christians and I feel that message was put there to discourage people from seeing your website. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. Hey praise the name of jesus Christ am evangelist Don Orenge from Kenya. Am happy to meet this organization as you people are kind, and helpful I have heard and see how you help youths all over the world jesus Christ bless you. Like in the place where am living there is alot of youths especially orphans who are out of there minds, drug addicts, sexual immorality, poor whom we need to support. I ask you to support this generation as you are doing and also invite you to Kenya. thanks jesus Christ bless you.
    Your help will be highly appreciated

  3. Hi,
    we are thingking of coming and live in the Philipines
    We would like to actively serve the Lord.
    Can you give me any contact details?
    best regards,


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