Scary side effects of prolonged exposure to gadgets


Too much exposure to tablet and smartphones may affect your child’s development, experts say

Video games may actually be good for children as it helps stimulate the brain in ways books and physical activities may not. However, too much screen time may have serious health side effects, according to experts.

Facebook, iPhone executives admitting disturbing side-effects of their own platform, says a lot about how technology can be bad for health.

1. Your brain may shrink

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Society of Pediatrics agree that children from 0-2 years should not have any exposure to technology at all. Adult coaching is needed to develop a child’s cognitive skills, and gadgets are not a big help.

Stimulation to a developing brain caused by overexposure to electronic devices (cell phone, computer, iPad, TV) is associated with executive functioning.

Overstimulation can cause attention deficit, cognitive delays, impaired learning, increased impulsivity, and decreased ability to self-regulate, e.g., tantrums. [Small 2008, Pagini 2010]

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2. It can contribute to early blindness

There have been reports of early and temporary blindness due to long-term exposure to smartphone use in the dark. More kids today wear prescription glasses compared to twenty years ago. [Associated Press]

Blue light

Continuous exposure to blue light emitted by gadgets can damage the eyes. A study at the University of Toronto observed that the eye’s cornea and lens could not block or reflect this light,, and it gets absorbed deep in the eye.

Flash blindness

Intense exposure to light, such as flash, may have the same effect when you are frequently exposed to fast-moving video games, emitting the ‘blue light.’ Some sources, such as NATO and the U.S. Department of Defense, stated that “flash blindness” can be temporary or permanent.

It’s still debatable whether the light being emitted from these gadgets poses a threat. The first tablet appeared in 2010. We still have a few more years to find out its ramifications.

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3. Gamers died while playing video games

  • In 2017 alone, nearly twenty people have died while playing online computer video games. Two people died while playing Nintendo Wii, X-box video console. They were playing at least 2-days in a row, barely eating and standing.
  • 2018, 24 years old young man did a “live-stream mass shooting” at a Madden NFL tournament eSports. After losing a series of matches, he took the defeat heavily, returned, and shot people, including himself.
  • 2019, a Thai teenager was found dead after a marathon video game session lasting several nights.
  • 2020, 12 years old boy in Egypt died after playing the ‘Battlegrounds’ video game for hours.
  • 2021, a 16-year-old boy in India collapses after playing for hours.

Video Game addiction (VGA) cause

Most of the gamers died because of Pulmonary Embolism. This can occur when you sit in the same position for extended periods of time, causing a blood clot in the leg vein (Deep Vein Thrombosis or DVT).

These gamers mostly played Halo, Warcraft, Starcraft, War of Tanks, Diablo, Ingress, League of Legends, and the infamous DOTA.

These games are filled with blood and gore, transported into an alternate world. The demonic influence is glaring. Avoid it. Click here – What video games to avoid.

Are you struggling with video addiction?

Addiction takes many forms—you won’t know you are addicted until something happens. It affects not only studies but destroys family relationships. If you are your child is heavily engrossed, ask God for wisdom and pray for deliverance.

What parents can do with video addiction.
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  1. what to do? I think…….ahh hmm You might be tempted to write off aggression in toddlers as just a phase. While this might be the case, teaching them to manage their emotions is vital for helping them cope as they get older. After all, a teenager who slaps you when he’s angry isn’t quite as easy to move the past as when your toddler does it. The Healthy Children website suggests praise for desired behaviors and teaching him appropriate responses when he gets aggressive. Tell him to say, “I’m angry” rather than biting your hand. It’s also important to model the non-aggressive behaviors you want to see.

    • Aaron gaming I am 11 and I now realize I have been addicted since 7.This is very educational and if you do not see that, you will when you are older.

  2. The language barrier and opinions in all the comments below are proof how illiterate and naive people are becoming when their social relationship with others is replaced with a handheld device. The one that becomes an addict or habitual user cannot see the problem or identify the harmful patterns themselves when he or she develops a case of denial. For instance, parents never understand anything, is a classic case of self-denial within the youth population of today. Adults not only have mental experience but fiscal experience of past experience through life’s’ learning habits. Usually the rule of thumb is, the older the person is the wiser that individual will be from life’s learning experience. The proof is in the pudding when those comments below are classic evidence of denial which, is replaced with belligerent and aggressive attitudes because they think there is no harm in playing video games excessively. What a shame, maybe they’ll wake-up when they finally find themselves talking to a wall inside a jail cell one day or who knows maybe not. Is this our future????

  3. he mom is the cornerstone of the family, and need spend more time with children and cook healthy food for them from scratch. It is fake processed and fast “foods” that cause obesity. The worse offender is petroleum ( a by product of the gasoline and petroleum industries) which found in most margarine and processed”cheese. Only feed kids real food, if people actually knew what they were being fed they would vomit.

  4. No Gadget’s for that age is very helpful to know what your child’s strenght and hobbies. Please support this web. Keep it up !

  5. Parents should take care more of what they’re kids are doing. For me it’s not bad to use those gadgets it help your kid in more aspect in life but limit them for they’re safety. Godbless


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