Testimony of Alian Lalliankhum Khuma, Bangladesh


Many are the plans of man, but it is God’s will that prevails

Lalliankhum “Alian” Chittagong was born in the year the great Bangladesh cyclone struck the Chittagong district that claimed the lives of 138,000 people. Bangladesh is a mere 0.3% Christian (mostly Catholics), with about 90% Muslim.

Alian heard God’s words through his mother. She became a Christian when Pastor Lalkual went to their village in Saibual and shared Matthew 3:2-3. He enjoyed Bible stories in Sunday school but lost interest growing up in his teens.

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God speaks through a missionary

He did the usual, smoking, drinking, and fornication until one day, a missionary came to his village, Painkhyong. The preacher shared a strong message on why the “Great Commission” should be fulfilled, especially by those who God calls.

The message spoke to his heart. He stood up for the altar call and surrendered his life to Jesus. “I felt the Holy Spirit speaking to me that day, that I am precious in the vineyard of our Lord Jesus Christ, and called to reach the lost,” Alian said.

Immediately, he gave up his plans and ambition. He first led youth groups and began sharing the Gospel to his unbelieving neighborhoods, the “Mro” (Tribes who are on the border of Burma, India, and Bangladesh). Eight souls saved in the unreached community of Tangaboty when he first came in 2014.

mro people

Perseverance in God’s power to change hearts

He went to another village, but the people refused to listen to the Gospel of Jesus. The villagers would not even allow Alian to spend the night in their community, so he slept in the paddy field.

That night, he prayed intensely that the villager’s heart would change. He went to the village again a second time as a visitor to his friend. He first shared the Gospel with him. He believed the Gospel and helped Alian share to others, as his interpreter.

The villagers no longer saw him as a threat. They invited him to return for the third time. This time, he brought biscuits and snacks and gave it to the village chief. After they ate, he began singing and shared Acts 9:1-12.

The chief of the village believed!

The village chief accepted Jesus Christ as his savior and LORD. That particular day, the chief converted from Muslim to Christianity. The Holy Spirit was moving with Alian, and a group of new believers in the village began to grow. However, Alian wasn’t ready to answer all their question, and he realized he needed to study in seminary.

Entering the seminary at Manipur

He wanted to be a full-time minister, and the nearest Bible college was in Manipur, India. He walked on foot for two days. God protected Alian in his difficult trip, though he faced more trials and difficulties ahead.

Alian was able to enroll at the Restoration Theological College (RTC), major in Theology. He had to look for sponsors for his board and lodging, as well as his tuition fee. The LORD provided, and from time to time, donations will come. However, there were more days that he and his classmates wouldn’t even have food.

alian restoration college

For two years, Alian wasn’t able to return to his hometown. While in the seminary, he faced strong temptations. Today, he asks a difficult question, how can I continue this difficult task? He would question what kind of life he placed himself too.

It’s not easy to be a missionary in India; life is hard. It is a calling, and though some may respond, it will take faith to finish the race.

If you would like to help in the tuition or board and lodging of students in RTC, you can contact RTC’s school Principal through their website.

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