Peter Tan Chi, A Pastor Who Leads By Example


Testimony of Peter Tan Chi of CCF

As a young man full of ambition, God used an accident to change the heart of Peter Tan Chi. Laying helpless at the hospital bed, he asked God to give him another chance in life. In return, he will serve Him.

However, the greatest test was still to come for Peter.

The Tan Chi family was one of the rising tycoons in the Philippines in the 1970s until cronyism infected the nation. During the Marcos era, many big companies were forced to be sellouts or be part of the Marcos kleptocracy in the name of expropriation.

The Tan Chi family was neither, and they were forced to give up their lucrative business.

Marrying his God’s best

In January 1972, Peter met the beautiful blue-eyed Deonna. She was on tour in the country as part of a Christian singing group, The Crossroads. He met Deonna at a weekly Friday night meeting of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Impressed by Deonna’s deep spiritual insight, Peter asked her out. On August 27, he proposed to Deonna, and she said her “sweet yes” as they prayed together.

Throughout their short but long-distance relationship, God spoke many times through scriptures. Deonna left the United States, and the Philippines became her new home.

Losing the family business

The Tan-Chi family owned a polyester and chemical plant, as well as the Old Riverside Textile Mills. It was the largest mill in the Philippines. A Marcos crony sequestered it during Martial Law, and Peter was fired from the company where he was the vice president.

I could have become bitter, but I remembered Romans 8:28: ‘God causes everything to work together for good to those who love Him.’ And I knew I had to make a choice, to be bitter and angry or to trust God. I decided to trust God,he said.

New doors opened, and Peter went into housing development in the 1980s. After martial law, the person who took over his father’s company was dying. A mutual friend asked Peter to see him.

He was reluctant, but God gave Peter the heart to forgive and even share the gospel with the man who stole their livelihood.

Home bible study

In 1982, Peter started a home bible study in Brookside Subdivision, Cainta. Only three couples attended the first meeting. They invited others to join and pretty soon, they had to move into the garage.

Becoming CCF Senior Pastor

Two years later, a core group of 40 people in business and professionals established Christ’s Commission Foundation.

In August 1984, they had their first Sunday worship service at the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). The CCF church was born.

Tragedy strikes home

The Tan Chi family is devoted to God, joyfully serving Him through weekly Bible studies in various places. As great men of faith were put to the test, so were Peter and Deonna.

In 1992, his daughter Joy Tan Chi (Mendoza) was raped by seven men inside their home in Antipolo. “One Friday night after teaching Bible study in Makati, we returned home around 11 PM. We saw police officers outside our house and realized that we had been robbed.

To our shock, we learned that the robbers had tied up our children and raped one of my daughters,” Peter said.

It broke their hearts, but not their spirit

What Satan meant for harm—God meant for good. What happened made the family closer and stronger. Joy recovered free from the memories of horror, guilt, and shame.

Through the years, Peter continued to face bitter envy from others as CCF grew. But Satan did not prevail. Instead, the Tan-Chi family is blessed to have a huge and beautiful family, all serving the Lord through various ministries.

Peter Tan Chi, a father, leader, and follower

Through it all, Peter’s life can be summed up into being a loving father. His parenting style was simple—he had time for his family. Despite his hectic schedule, he always attended to his kids, even if it was trivial.

Behind every successful man is his wife, and that is true for the Tan Chi household. Deonna’s charm, patience, and godliness bring out the best in Peter.

Peter leads by example with his integrity, discipline, and humility. Like Paul, he remains a tentmaker using what he has, his talents, and influence to expand God’s glory.

Peter Tan Chi is a UP and AIM graduate. He finished his doctorate at the International Graduate School of Leadership. He was recently recognized as one of UP College of Business Administration’s Distinguished Alumni Awardees and was given the UPAA Distinguished Award in Entrepreneurship and Employment Creation. (Photo: The Tan Chi family via Peter Tan Chi Facebook)

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