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Testimony of Gary V, a Filipino pop-icon.

gary valenciano concert

Testimony of Gary Valenciano

Gary Valenciano released 49 albums and won the Awit Awards for “Best Male Performer” eleven times. His vocal ability, power, and voice clarity remain unmatched. With numerous sold-out concerts and dozens of Platinum awards, Gary’s career continues to be strong even after more than three decades.

Gary V’s all-time hits are a mix of pop and inspirational songs. He is best known for “Sana Maulit Muli” (“I hope it happens again”), “Lead me Lord,” “Take me out of the dark,” “Could you be Messiah,” and his cover of “Wag ka nang umiyak” (Probinsyano OST).

He was a member of Kundirana (DLSU Greenhills Glee Club), while his first TV appearance was in Germspesyal and the Penthouse Live. In April 1984, at age 20, the Araneta Coliseum sold out for Gary’s first solo concert, “Alive.” Soon after, he earned the title “Mr. Pure Energy!”

Take me out of the dark

His popularity soared and each concert was sold-out. However, at the beginning of the height of his popularity, Gary felt insecure and empty. Even after a successful gig, he often came home insecure, worried if people will always like his music.

Gary Valenciano’s past was not easy. He lost his parents at a very young age. Then he was diagnosed with diabetes, and later, their house razed by fire. He became a bitter person.

Despite his promising career, fame, and fortune, Gary struggled with emptiness and thought marriage could make him complete. In the first year of his marriage, life became even more miserable.

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The inescapable question

On November 12, 1985, his brother-in-law met Gary and his wife, Angeli Pangilinan. He asked Gary, “Do you know Jesus“? Gary knew the proper answer, and he aced it. But when he asked, “if you die right now, where will you go?” Gary struggled with a reply. He realized that moment his life was like driving a fast car that suddenly hit a wall.

Do you know Jesus?

That night, Gary and his wife prayed to Jesus. They admitted they are sinners and need a savior. The couple asked Jesus to take over their lives. It was a simple prayer that Gary uttered: “Come, come in because I need you, I feel empty, I need you so bad“.

Gary Valenciano Christian testimony
Gary V lets Jesus take the wheels!

Lead me Lord

At the peak of his career, many advised him to refrain from singing Christian music. Fans wrote, saying he shouldn’t sing inspirational songs. Those in the industry said that being vocal about his faith can ruin his career.

Instead, Gary did the unthinkable; he declared the love and power of Jesus through his song lyrics and sang it on stage. Unexpectedly, his popularity soared to the roof.

Could you be healer?

Each time Gary steps out on the limelight, he stands bold singing for his creator, amazingly, his sugar stabilizes. Gary has diabetes and is in insulin pumps, but he has no signs of eye deterioration. His Doctor asked why; Gary simply said, “its God.”

gary v cancer free
Gary V Official Page, interview by Korina Sanchez at Rated K in 2018

The Widowmaker

Mr. Pure Energy at 53, yet Gary needed open-heart surgery. Doctors found a 95% blockage in his artery. They were not enthusiastic because of his diabetes. After the successful operation, doctors were surprised his recovery was much quicker than they expected.

However, a few days after, there was a pain in his lower back. Doctors, this time, discovered a six-centimeter malignant tumor attached to his kidney.

Close to dropping dead

The family was devastated, confused about how all these were happening all at the same time. “I came very close to dropping dead in full public view on national television that day. I’m told that one more jump could’ve done that job. I was miraculously saved. Doctors were baffled. I was healing so well after my open heart surgery, despite my diabetes. They say I have the heart of a strong 25-year-old,” Gary V said.

Doctors were baffled

God has been moving in Gary Valenciano’s life ever since that moment he committed himself to Christ. Though not everyone may experience a similar miracle, Gary’s life proves that Jesus is alive and real to those who believe.

Acts 4:12
Only Jesus has the power to save! His name is the only one in all the world that can save anyone. Are you willing to repent, believe, receive Christ as your savior?

Gary V sings “Could you be Messiah.” The song was composed by Direk Freddie Santos and he penned the lyrics. It was released in 1991. Video courtesy of Audie Gemora.



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